Hypnotherapy Prices Have Fallen

Hypnotherapy is much more affordable than in was in 1970!

I've had comments from older clients who remember the 60s and 70s complaining about how much the price of hypnotherapy seems to have increased since those days - but if you account for inflation, hypnotherapy now costs considerably less now than it did then.

In 1970 a one hour hypnotherapy session was typically just £5

That might sound like very little, but remember that was nearly 50 years ago and like everything else, the price has gone up in line with inflation. Hypnotherapy is much more competitive now - so you are actually getting a much better deal than in 1970. Just look at how other things have increased....

1970 compared to 2017 prices
Average secretary earned £1250 a year - now £30,000 that's a 25 times increase
Average teachers starting salary was £979 - now £21,588 - that's a 22 times increase
Average pint of beer in pub was 12 1/2p - now £4.50 - that's a 35 times increase
Average packet of cigarettes was 20p - now £8.00 - that's a 40 times increase
Average portion of chips was 5p - now £1.50 - that's a 30 times increase
Average gallon of petrol was 32p - now £5.30 - that's a 17 times increase
Average Mars Bar was 2 1/2p (6d) - now 65p - that's a 30 times increase
Average one hour hypnotherapy session was £5 - now £75 - that's only a 15 times increase
Average one and a half hour hypnotherapy session was £7 - now £95 - that's only a 14 times increase.

As you can see, in real terms, hypnotherapy in 2017 represents much better value for money!


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