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Training in Clinical Hypnosis

If you are interested in training in clinical hypnosis, or wish to do a post graduate medical course in the subject, then consider the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH). It was founded in 1984 by Michael Joseph, who, if I remember correctly had no degree or academic background - but made up for it with experience, knowledge and charisma. He originally ran the organisation with people similar to himself at the helm. I think the chief trainer was an ex. salesman who'd only just graduated in hypnothyerapy the year before! I was studying for a PhD at the time and was surprised at how unacademic the whole thing was. It didn't matter in the slightest though because in fact, so much of hypnotherapy is an art, and is as dependant on personality and bedside manner as it is brain power. Getting someone to go into hypnosis at will is as much of an art as getting someone to laugh at loud at will. I'm not saying that comedy has anything to do with hypnosis, it's just that both are verbal skills that rely to some degree on naural flair and personality rather than just reciting a dry script. No amount of academic study or training can make a clinical psychologist able to tell jokes well and the same goes for being a good hypnotist.

The LCCH now run courses all over the country. I'm not sure how good the training is these days, but back then they offered a grounding in many of the various aspects such as Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and you were also given a training in the basic art of hypnosis - lacking in certain other courses which were fashion conscious and jargonised. I found the practical approach was good. There are other large organisations so have a proper look round before making a decision. Make sure whichever course you choose has sufficient teachers with a genuine background in psychology and does not place too much emphasis on NLP or regression therapy.

Be warned that most hypnotherapy organisations give few client referals to their members - the elite of these organisations naturally keep most of them to themselves. Also be aware that the vast majority of those who train in hypnotherapy never go on to actually practice in a true professional sense. There is also a growing trend for the elite of many of these training organisations to make a considerable amount of money from ongoing professional development courses - in some cases compulsory. There is an irony here, because obviously some of those experienced hypnotherapists out there in the field are as good, if not better at the job than those who would make money out of insisting they constantly need further training.

You will find some hypnotherapeutic techniques, such as past life regressions are frankly, unscienific - and there is almost no scientific data to compare the effectiveness of one technique against another - so how can you justify making ongoing training compulsory? Unlike being say, a doctor or dentist, a hypnotherapist requires artistry, flair and natural talent as much as training and knowledge. Not only that, but there are so many diverse ways of using hypnosis in a therapy setting it makes standardisation impossible. Whereas with medicine, clinical psychology or even education - there is a considerable amount of new, scientific research constantly being carried out  - and therefore a need for professionals to be kept up to date. In contrast, hardly any meaningful, new scientific research is carried out in hypnotherapy, let alone empirical research, and most of the top up training courses don't focus on this anyway. Instead they recycle the same old stuff that has been around for years.
In 2011, I reluctantly decided to leave the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis  - after fifteen years membership - rather than face compulsory attendance of rehashed courses I'd already attended, or extremely dubious sounding new courses.

Hypnotherapy simply does not lend itself to compulsory regulation and the current attempt by some societies to do so, in the hope it will gain the profession more respectability, is a fiasco. For a start, nobody can even agree on what hynosis is, or whether it exists at all. Even those who claim to know what it is can't agree on the best ways of inducing people into hypnosis, or which way is more suitable or effecive in any given situation. It all gets ridiculously complicated - and this is even before deciding what kind of treatment should be used once the trance state has been achieved. It's all still very much in the developmental stage. There are as many styles and permutations of hypnotherapy techniques to choose from as there are say, approaches you can use in a football match. I'm not trying to compare hypnotherapy to football tactics, but imagine forcing Arsene Wenger to  attend ongoing professional development after 20 years success! On arrival, it soon becomes obvious to him that some of those lecturing have hardly played the game themselves, let alone had much success in the real world.

I never imagined when I finished my training in 1996 that I would one day be treating some of the world's most famous people. Of course there was probably an element of luck. It started when a client introduced me to several top models - all household names. After that I treated the rich and famous - pop stars and their managers, TV soap actors, TV hosts and personalities, sports people, you name it. To my surprise they usually preferred to attend my little office in Ealing rather than the one I hired in Harley Street.

In order to be a truly effecive hypnotherapist, and have the genuine ability to hypnotise people at will, I advise you to also learn the art of stage hypnotism. Hypnotherapy organisations would do better to teach their students how professionals on stage get their subjects to go quickly and deeply into hypnosis - but most of them have an unwarranted suspicion of, and prejudice against individuals like Paul McKenna. Consequently, many hypnotherapy trainers have neither the skills nor training to take people deeply into hypnosis - and nor do their graduates.

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