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I have over 20 years experience in hypnotherapy and have treated people from all walks of life - including some of the world's "A List" celebrities. Each Mp3 has been developed through trial and error - the content is based only on my most successful live, one-to-one sessions. The result is hypnosis audio at a new level - possibly the highest quality hypnotherapy audio available on the internet.
Once you put on your headphones and start listening, it's like actually having a live one-to-one session with me  - but at a fraction of the price!

Available Titles (scroll down page for details)

Slim Now and Stay Slim - £7.99

Relax De-stress and Unwind - £7.99

Deep Sleep All Night Long - £7.99

More Confidence Now - £7.99

Easy Presentations - £7.99

All-in-one General Self Improvement (special offer) - £4.99

Custom Made Mp3s
Or...why not have a CUSTOM MADE hypnotherapy Mp3 recording especially made for you? In other words - a hypnotherapy session made to your own requirements. I will make a 25-35 minute recording tailor made from the information you provide in a confidential form or via email.  These recordings are popular with people who have less common problems or who cannot get to see me here in London for a one-to-one session. The turnround is usually 3 working days. Click here for full details.

Slim Now and Stay Slim (Length: 40 minutes)

If you are serious about losing weight, why not give Slim Now and Stay Slim a try? Utilise the power of hypnosis to give YOU that extra bit of help losing weight. Just download the recording, plug in your headphones and start benefiting straight away!

Enjoy being taking into a state of blissfully deep calm and relaxation as if you were experiencing a really good holiday. You will receive powerful hypnotic help for you to become and remain your natural slimmer body weight.

Hypnotic suggestion can have a deep and lasting influence over so many things relating to food and eating habits. It can affect the way you think about food, over your appetite, hunger pangs, food cravings, exercise habits and so on. 'Slim Now and Stay Slim' enables you to harness the power of hypnosis right now, starting from today, making the journey towards becoming and remaining slim much easier than simply using willpower alone.

You will find this is an uplifting, positive recording that will help you solve your eating problems once and for all. Why not harness the power of hypnosis to help you along the way, through the good times and the not so good times, the easy times and the not so easy? No matter how many times you play this MP3 download, you will find it soothing, inspiring and empowering - rather like watching a really good movie. In fact it has been especially created with repeat playing in mind, so that the hypnotic suggestions become a little more deeply embedded with each listen.

Slim Now And Stay Slim Audio Sample

Add to Cart £7.99 Instant Download

Relax De-stress and Unwind (Length: 28 minutes)

Just put on headphones, and enjoy being taken to an idyllic setting where your mind and body can relax and recharge as if you were enjoying the perfect holiday. Your subconscious mind will receive powerful hypnotic instructions for you to feel more relaxed, energetic and revitalized as you return to your daily life and to be able to handle stress, anxiety or difficult emotions much more easily.

Whether you just want to unwind after work or have a longer term problem such as worry, anxiety, panic attacks, or being in a 'hyper' state - there is no other relaxation formula quite like this on the planet. It is also a good introduction to hypnosis for those who want to experience the pleasure of trance....

This recording is a lot easier than going through all the bother and self discipline of learning self hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation or biofeedback - it does all the hard work for you! Not only that, remember a lot of physical illnesses has its origin in stress, and this daily dose of hypnosis could end up being of as much benefit to your body as your mind.

A well deserved little present for yourself, or a great gift idea. Right from first release, this Mp3 (originally released as a CD in 2009) has been very well received.

Relax De-stress and Unwind - Audio Sample

Add to Cart £7.99 Instant Download

Deep Sleep All Night Long (Length: 35 minutes)

Hypnosis is the obvious and natural answer to your sleeping or insomnia problem. This self hypnosis recording is not only designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, but also to reduce stress levels and get you feeling more awake, alert and refreshed during the day.

You will hear my voice gently guiding you into the pleasant state of hypnosis followed by powerful instructions for your mind and body to allow you to get off to sleep easily and enjoy a refreshing and deep sleep every night. Hypnosis can be very similar to sleep in any case, and like deep meditation, has often been thought to be as beneficial and refreshing as sleep itself. Many people find that they spontaneously drift off into sleep whilst listening to this recording.

In many ways the mind is like a computer that is programmed by hundreds or thousands of disks. It's as if sometimes the normal, regular "sleep disk" can become dislodged for one reason or another and stop working. This can be due to stress, difficult emotions, anxiety or a whole number of reasons. However, in many instances, hypnosis can click the correct disk back into place and sleep once more happens automatically. Of course, this is just an analogy or comparison, but during hypnosis the brain seems to comprehend certain kinds of symbolism, as much as it does direct hypnotic suggestions and commands.

Deep Sleep all Night Long is a combination of all these things - hypnotic suggestion, computer symbolism and a whole lot more - all designed to instruct the brain to let you sleep easily and deeply every night, regardless of what is going on in your life. if you are having problems with sleep, then why not give it a try? Just put on headphones and let hypnosis do all the work.

The Soundtrack

Incidentally, the music and sound effects you will hear in the background on this particular CD were specially developed for hypnosis, and create a powerful yet soothing backdrop. I've experimented with using all kinds of special, hypnotic sound effects and have found that the formula used on this title seems to take people more quickly and deeply into hypnosis than any other. There have been several requests from people asking where they can get hold of the music, and if it can be downloaded or purchased separately. I hope to list all the individual music tracks and CDs I have used on all my hypnosis recordings available for download here on this website - within the very near future.

Deep Sleep All Night Long Audio Sample

Add to Cart £7.99 Instant Download

More Confidence Now (Length: 41 minutes)

Imagine having much more confidence in every situation in life, enjoying a relaxed, self assured feeling wherever you go! Imagine being less self conscious in social situations or when meeting people for the first time - able to speak as freely and easily as you do with a really close friend or relative.

This recording have been developed over many years using hypnosis to increase confidence. It is also designed to reduce embarrassment, self doubt, feelings of inferiority, fear of rejection or whatever may have been holding you back.

Life becomes a whole lot easier when you are confident so why not give More Confidence Now a try!

More Confidence Now Audio Sample

Add to Cart £7.99 Instant Download

Easy Presentations (Length: 42 minutes)

Imagine not feeling nervous in the lead up to, or during a talk, speech or presentation! Easy Presentations is designed to release a natural power that can take away the fear and make it all so much easier for you.

Just put on headphones, listen to this self hypnosis session, and start to tap in to the power of your subconscious mind to help you automatically feel confident, relax and focus off yourself when you are the centre of attention. Not only will you get tremendous benefit from the hypnotic instructions but you will also find that going into hypnosis is a very pleasant and calming experience in itself.

This recording has been refined over many years of experimentation using hypnosis to help those with public speaking nerves, and it is the perfect answer for anyone looking for a way to release their own natural ease, ability and confidence.

Almost everything that could possibly happen before or during a talk or presentation is dealt with in this ensure that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as if you were chatting with a good friend or sympathetic family member.

Most other self-help CDs bombard you with tips and advice for making effective presentations with the result that you end up feling more pressured and nervous than ever! They encourage you to model yourself on an imaginary, ideal public speaker who speaks in a certain way, smiles at the right moment, etc. etc. If you go down that road the end result will be that, at best you will come across as unnatural and inauthentic, and at worst your head will be so full of tips you won't be able to concentrate on what you are talking about.

Easy Presentations takes a very different and much simpler approach, which you will find powerful and effective. Whether you are giving a short talk or powerpoint presentation, let hypnosis take away all the pressure of that traditional, old fashioned "modelling yourself on someone else" approach, completely removing that weight from your shoulders. Let it bring out your own natural, authentic style and ability and make the whole experience far easier and less stressful than you ever dreamed was possible.

All you need to do is switch on the recording, relax and enjoy. Every word you will hear has been carefully put together to maximise the hypnotic effect in order to help you become more confident, more effective and feel more at ease when speaking in public.

Easy Presentations Audio Sample

Add to Cart £7.99 Instant Download

Hypnosis for General Self Improvement by EILEEN VON SKOPNIK

As a special offer for anyone interested in trying out self hypnosis recordings I am offering this brilliant all in one general self help Mp3 by Eileen Von Skopnik at a special introductory price of £4.99. Listened to on a regular basis it is designed to give you improved confidence, more energy, motivation and better sleep. It will not only enable you to experience the relaxing and fascinating pleasure of hypnosis, but also provide you with powerful help in all the main areas of life. This cutting edge recording is a must download for anyone in need of a general all round boost.

Hypnosis for General Self Improvement Audio Sample

Add to Cart £4.99 Instant Download


Custom Made Hypnosis Downloads

Since 2003 I have also offered a very special custom made, individually recorded Mp3 service. All you need do is send me full details of whatever problem you have been experiencing. Just use the confidential form which appears below. All information will be used to make your individual hypnotherapy recording as effective as possible and will remain strictly confidential. (See Secure Policy)

I will then be able to record a special 25 to 35 minute hypnotherapy session exclusively for you - exactly as if you were actually here with me in my consulting room during a one to one, person to person session! Cost - £60.00 (approx. $80)

The session will be sent to you (anywhere in the world), in confidence, within three to four working days in Mp3 format. It will remain yours to keep and play over again as often as you wish. As you would expect, these recorded sessions incorporate high sound quality. The effectiveness can be as high as in a live hypnotherapy session.

You will hear my voice guiding you pleasantly into a hypnotic state of deep relaxation. This will be followed by a powerful hypnosis treatment to ease away whatever problem you have been experiencing.

I was one of the first hypnotherapists in the world to offer these tailor made recordings and have always had good feedback. Each Mp3 comes with listening instructions.

How effecive are they?
Obviously it's not quite the same as a live one to one session...but tailor made recordings have their own advantages. Hypnotic suggestion often becomes more effective through repetition - and a recording can be listened to and enjoyed time and time again if neceassary. The content always relates to you as an individual and your unique needs. Plus they are convenient - you can enjoy lisening whenever you want and wherever you go.

What can be treated?
The list below gives an indication of the wide range of issues that hypnotherapy is capable of successfully treating or assisting, relating to both the mind and body. If you need help with any of these or any similar problem just order now!

alcohol problems
anorexia nervosa
anxiety or anxiety state
bed wetting
cocaine addiction
drug addiction
emotional pain
exam nerves
fear of flying
high blood pressure
interview nerves
obsessive compilsive disorders
panic atacks
pain control
performance anxiety
post traumatic stress disorder
public speaking
relationship problems
self esteem
sexual problems
social anxiety
sports performance
stage fright
ticks and twitches
weight loss

How to order
Describe the problem you've been experiencing in the form below. Once you click SEND you will be taken to the checkout.

Some of the following guidlines may help you describe the problem
What is the problem? What is it like?
When does it occur? Where? What is its history?
What brings it on? Any idea what started it all or what is behind it all?
Do recent life events/earlier life have a bearing on the problem? If so how?
How would you benefit from overcoming this problem?
What do you want hypnosis to do for you?
You can enter as much information in this box as you want...there is no limit.





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