"Your help with my sugar addiction has been fantastic"

Hi Robert
I hope you are well and enjoying the long weekend.  Your help with my sugar addiction has been fantastic and I am only just feeling that I may need to listen to the session again. Unfortunately the download is no longer available. Do you still have a recording of the session and if so please can you forward it to me again?
With kind regards,


Fear of Flying

Dear Robert,
This is the kind of view I can deal with now. The flight was infinitely better.

"I haven't had a cigarette since!"

Hi Robert,

I hope you are well.
I wanted to say thanks for your help with my last appointment and I'm happy to say that I haven't had a cigarette since!
I really found the appointment helpful and I've been trying to get healthier since, working out and eating better. I've made some good progress, but I've kind of got stuck again. I am finding that alcohol is the main thing that gets in my way, making me feel tired and demotivated to work out.
I was hoping that I could book another appointment with you to help me with this?
Do you have any availability next Tuesday evening?
Many thanks

"I have not bitten my fingers since I saw you"
Dear Robert,
I started biting my knuckles when I was 4 years old. When I was 7 my violin teacher tried to encourage me to stop by telling me that my fingers would look bad on television when I was a famous violinist. By the time I was a teenager I was biting around the nails and also the skin on the ends of my fingers. In my twenties some of my work colleagues begged me to stop because it made them feel sick.
In my thirties my dentist pointed out the permanent ridges in my upper jaw caused by the continuous biting.
So finally, at the age of 47, I came to consult you four weeks ago. I am sure that even after our telephone conversation you were a little surprised at the state of my hands, with raw and bleeding areas as well as many areas of partially healed skin. A disgusting site.
You addressed my uneasiness and reticence about hypnosis very professionally, and the experience was exactly as you had explained it. Actually, very relaxing and rather enjoyable.
Since my visit I am back in control.. I have not bitten my fingers since I saw you. Rather than hide my hands beneath the table during meetings I can now relax. Only those who saw them before could understand what a transformation has taken place.
Many thanks for your help. You may use this letter in the promotion of your services as you see fit.
I appreciate that some people may require more than one visit to achieve their results but as the saying goes
'It worked for me'
Richard W. Wood

"It worked a treat"
Hi Robert,

I came to see you years ago for hypnotherapy in Ealing and it worked a treat. Now my friends mum needs some help losing weight and I would love for her to come and see you.
Please let me know if you are still practicing.
Thank you,

"You helped me over come these problems for many years"

Hi Robert,

I hope you are well.
I came to you quite a number of years ago when I was suffering from a high level of anxiety and panic attacks. You helped me over come these problems for many years, however recently I've noticed I've been more anxious and suffering from quite a low self esteem again.
I would love to come and see you as soon as possible; I am free next Monday and Tuesday but understand if this is short notice. If not, it would be great if we could arrange it for another time. Feel free to contact me via email or by phone, the number is...

Kind regards,


St Albans & Harpenden Review - Hypnotherapy: could this be the answer for smokers this Stoptober?

By Amy Hopkins

“Miracle” is one of the first words out of ex-smoker Lorraine Geoghegan’s mouth, on the one-year anniversary of her session with Ealing hypnotist Robert Matthews"

THOUSANDS of smokers across the country are hoping to transform this October into Stoptober by rising to a Government-backed challenge to go without cigarettes for 28 days.
Quitting is big business. From nicotine patches and gums to e-cigarettes and prescription medicines, an entire industry has been built around the fact that smoking is one of the toughest habits to kick.
But there is one stop-smoking method that sounds too good to be true. With its promise of permanently curing nicotine addiction in one, quick and relaxing treatment - with no side effects – could hypnotherapy be the miracle that smokers have been waiting for?“
Miracle” is one of the first words out of ex-smoker Lorraine Geoghegan’s mouth, on the one-year anniversary of her session with Ealing hypnotist Robert Matthews.
If anyone was an unlikely candidate for hypnosis, it was 37-year-old Lorraine. Not only had she been smoking since she was 15, but this cynical patient did not even trust her therapist.
" I was quite scared of the idea of going down a back alley at dusk to be hypnotised by some guy,” she recalls.

Mr Matthews, who has practised hypnotherapy in Ealing and Harley Street for 14 years, led Lorraine through a series of visualisations during the one-hour  £150 session.

“Even as I was sitting there, I didn’t expect it to work,” she says.
"Every now and then, a child would appear and I thought, ‘oh right, this one represents purity’.
" I felt it was a really basic form of manipulation – and I thought ‘I’m not that silly’. So I thought, ‘sod you, I’m going to smoke as soon as I leave here, just to spite you’.”
Despite Lorraine’s determination to resist, when she left Mr Matthews her desire to smoke had vanished. “I just went home and walked straight past the shop,” she said.
This shop – the cigarette shop on her route home – had come to symbolise Lorraine’s internal battle with her addiction. “My feet used to carry me in while I was still telling myself don’t go in,” she recollects.
" Once I managed to walk past and was so happy that, to celebrate, I went back and bought a packet of cigarettes.”
Lorraine spent years in inner conflict over her habit. During attempts to quit, she became constantly aware of not smoking, envious of those who did and fearful of anything that might cause her to re-start.
A year later, it is hard to believe Lorraine was once so hopelessly controlled by her addiction.
" I’ll still go outside with smokers, but I have no desire to smoke,” she says. “I’m not repelled by it or anything. Smoking just doesn’t enter my thoughts. I don’t even know how to explain it.”

To shed light on this apparent miracle, I turn to smoking charity ASH.
To my disappointment, Amanda Sandford, ASH’s research manager, explains there is no evidence to suggest that hypnosis is ultimately any more effective than going cold turkey.
Apparently, even the most effective programmes rarely achieve a long-term success rate of more than 30%.

I tell Amanda about Lorraine.

“Well, a lot of people report that they’ve stopped through hypnosis and that’s fine – if they manage to stop then that’s great, whatever the method,” she says.
" The problem with hypnosis is that it’s highly likely they’ll relapse and then feel like a failure – they get dispirited about quitting, when actually most smokers take several attempts, anyway.”
Amanda’s warnings about relapse resonate in the experiences of other hypnosis patients I talk to who have not enjoyed the same success as Lorraine.
I t remains to be seen whether Lorraine will smoke again. Now, on her one-year smoke-free anniversary, she couldn’t be happier. “It feels like absolute freedom” she beams.

“Plus, if I start smoking again I’ll just go back for more hypnosis – it’s still cheaper than a lifetime of cigarettes.”

"My eczema has calmed down dramatically"
Hi Robert

Hope you have had a lovely weekend?

Just wanted to let you know that my eczema has calmed down dramatically since listening to your recording and im feeling really positive about my skin, I have been listening to it in the evenings throughout the week and really do feel and can also see the benefits of the hypnosis too, so wanted to thank you ever so much for your help! 🙂

So i forwarded the wetransfer link to my phone email so was just listening to the recording from my phone but for some reason it hasnt downloaded to my phone properly (may not have had enough memory space to save but was fine to listen to from the Wetransfer link) so now Im unable to listen to it as it says the link has expired, its my fault i should have downloaded to my laptop instead... so please can you resend me the recording again please and will get it saved this time?

many thanks again

"I had tears streaming down my face with the visualisations"

Good morning Robert.
Thank you for the audio I was amazed to hear it. When I heard it the first time I did not fall into deep relaxed state as I normally do but I had tears streaming down my face with the visualisations. It is such a brilliant audio. I'm going to listen to it regularly. Thank you for making it applicable to every aspect of my life. I appreciate it so much and I like the way you understood every aspect of what I have put down in my email and how you condensed it. Initially I was worried about how you would capture all of it but you did it beautifully. Have a great day.
Kind regards

"The hypnosis is absolutely amazing "
Hi Robert!,
Thank you soo much! The hypnosis is absolutely amazing. I'm loving the phrases you've used.
I will definitely let you know how I'm getting on.
Kind regards!

"The download worked fantastic!!"

Hey Robert,
The download worked fantastic!!
FANTASTIC OVERALL PERFORMANCE ETCII I thoroughly enjoyed your script and background music!!!!
Just one question the interview is not possibly until early October so how often should I listen to your hypnotist recording.
Is it every day or once a week, every alternative day. Can you please let me know.
Many many thanks once again Robert!!!!!
I will most certainly let you know how I get on in the interview!!
Kindest Regards



"No problems staying off the wine & cake"

Hi Robert
Sailed through having my braces fitted - thank you - no panic at all.
Also no problems staying off the wine & cake & have lost 3lbs so far so thank you again


"It is definitely excellent and you used all your expertise"

Dear Robert,

Thank you very much for my custom MP3, it is definitely excellent and I can see you used all your expertise and that it came from the heart.
I've listen to it several times and is definitely hitting the spot.
Thanks again I will keep you updated

If there's anything I can ever do for you, just Holler




"I'm not even bothered by smokers around me"

Hi Robert!
It has been one year now I have not touched a cigarette. I'm not even bothered by smokers around me. U really did do an amazing job. I can't thank u enough. U have without doubt added years to my life.
Regards Linda


"I managed to eat half a portion of fish" (food phobia)

Hi robert, i hope you are well? Thanks so much for the session last week. I managed to eat half a portion of fish which i was v calm about! Just wondering if it would be possible to send me the recording so i can listen to it again? My email is many thanks,


"The flights to and from Cyprus were by far the most relaxing I have had in many, many years"

hi robert
I got back into work today after returning from Cyprus and I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for the fear of flying session. The flights to and from Cyprus were by far the most relaxing I have had in many, many years and ,dare I say it, even rather enjoyable.
I don’t know how you do it but I’m very glad that you do!
Many thanks again


"I'm still a non smoker now 1.5 years million thanx"
Hi Robert!
Just to let you know I'm still a non smoker now 1.5 years
million thanx. I do give your number to people I do hope they call you.
Kind regards


"It was a very powerful and uplifting experience" (Custom Mp3)

text receieved 1.2.15

Hi I got it and downloaded it fine, thank you. Listened to it last night. I drove yesterday and it felt quite good. Will keep you posted. Thanks again - it was a very powerful and uplifting experience. Hope your back is better today.



"I am now 2 years smoke free and I no longer bite my nails"

Hi Robert,
Because of your sessions, I am now 2 years smoke free and I no longer bite my nails.
Another 1st world problem I have is on the golf course. I find my swing gets to fast and I want to hit the skin off the ball. I have been taking lessons with a very good teacher and all is well when i am having a lesson - get me back on the course and my tempo increases etc.
Can you help with my headspace and tempo as when this is settled - my score will tumble!
My swing mechanics is relatively stable - it would be good to drive these things into the sub conscious if possible.
Let me know if this is something that you can help with.



"I shot the best round of my career"

Hi Robert,
I thought I would give you an update.
I played golf this morning on a beautiful sunny morning. I shot the best round of my career. I played 14 over! Which is really excellent!


"Many thanks for the mp3 – excellent quality "

Hi Robert
Many thanks for the mp3 – excellent quality (and thanks for the quick turnaround) – I just wonder for maximum benefit (and I have already seen some) over what period of time do you recommend to listen to the recording?
many thanks

"The not smoking is going well so thanks for that"

Hi Robert,

The not smoking is going well so thanks for that, I wanted to book in a session for something else if possible? Do you have any availability On Friday morning?



"It's been over 11 years now that I quit smoking after a session with you"

Dear Robert,

It's been over 11 years now that I quit smoking after a session with you for which I am eternally grateful!
Best regards

"I attended several sessions with you several years ago on weight control and found them most helpful "

Dear Robert,
I attended several sessions with you several years ago on weight control and found them most helpful. I need to focus on that aspect again as well as managing eating for diabetic control. I would like to boo a session with you if possible.
I work at Westminster and am not back in Ealing until 6pm. A Friday evening would be good for me or a Saturday.

"I really admire your professionalism!"

Dear Thank you so much for our meeting this afternoon.
I am very grateful for the way you analyse and explain situations, and are so generous with your time.
I really admire your professionalism!

Really looking forward to receiving your recording.

Kindest regards,

"Your therapy worked very well"

Hi Robert,
Hope you are well
I came to see you about a year ago to help me give up coffee - your therapy worked very well!
My wife is now hoping you will be able to help her. She was hoping to be able to see you to help her with pain management.
We can come and see you in your Ealing office, but my wife isn't very mobile at the moment - would you be able to do something on Tuesday 8th April between 3 and 5pm? If not let me know and we can arrange something soon.
My number is xxxxxxxx
Many thanks,

"Thank you for the second cd it is excellent"

Hi Robert Thank you for the second cd it is excellent the wording is excellent. My daughter has a few health issues and gets very down about herself no self esteem or confidence and depression to a certsin degree. I have told her to get a cd or m3 done from you she will be ordering today. I loved how u said in mind you have the right to be happy no matter what u look like or what people say dont let there problem be your problem if u could put the same wording for A.

"You helped me stop smoking some time ago "


Dear Robert you helped me stop smoking some time ago and I now need to address my eating !

Could you let me know you charges for weight loss. I have always been over weight, I tend to be a comfort eater as well as having a sweet tooth. In addition I am not the most active person! Up hill battle really !!

I look forward to hearing from you shortly

Regards J


"I feel great after 9 days of no alcohol and have no interest in touching it ever again"

Hi Robert

Thanks so much.

I feel great after 9 days of no alcohol and have no interest in touching it ever again. Thank you for saving my life a second time 🙂

I wanted to invite you to my xxth birthday on xxth March from 4pm (invite to follow with details). Would be great to see you.

G x

"The sleep is going well so far"

Hi Robert,

Just a quick note to say I've received my self hypnosis file you sent through on Tuesday.

The sleep is going well so far...

Thanks again



"Thank you so very much for the help that you gave myself to give up smoking - over 10 years ago now"

Good evening Robert

This is an email of 2 halfs, firstly I would like to say thank you so very much for the help that you gave myself to give up smoking - over 10 years ago now (where does time go), I will never forget - coming out of your premises thinking I didn’t bin my cigerettes, I could have one now, no I don’t need one. I have never looked back since then, thank you so very much.

My husband Brian came to you also for smoking (all be it some years after me), but success striked again and he also has not touched a cigarette in years now.

I would like to say thank you very much for your help in changing our lives..

I hope you continue to help people with their problems/issues for many years to come.

An Ex-Smoker

"you have cured me from smoking and more recently biting my nails "

Hi Robert,

RM here. If you remember, you have cured me from smoking and more recently biting my nails!

My wife has not been sleeping well recently - well, she has what is called her "window" and if she missed sleeping in this slot, then it is a bad night.

Work related stresses may have a part in this too. I am not the expert, all i know, is she has requested an early xmas present - an appointment with you!

Do you have weekend availability before Christmas? What is your availability in general?

i look forward to hearing from you shortly


"keeps me effortlessly in a state of deep relaxation"


I also really enjoyed the accompanying soundtrack. It is very evocative and keeps me effortlessly in a state of deep relaxation.

Kind regards,

"The recording made SUCH a difference"

Dear Dear Robert, I am an opera singer who wrote to you a while ago about a performance in September that I was doing in xxx, where the conductor was a bit difficult. Firstly, may I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The recording made SUCH a difference and the performance was a big success.Very best wishes,


"I've already noticed a big difference just in the last few days"

16.9.13 Procrastination

Dear Robert
Thank you very much for sending this. I've already noticed a big difference just in the last few days, and am feeling like there is no hesitation in just getting on and doing things. Thanks so much.


"Thank you so much for the wonderful custom mp3"

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for the wonderful custom mp3. I've listened to it three times already. The imagery is beautiful, and I feel confident that I will be able to make the changes I wanted.

Many thanks

... I also really enjoyed the accompanying soundtrack. It is very
evocative and keeps me effortlessly in a state of deep relaxation.
"Underwent hypnotherapy for quitting smoking with 100% success"


Hi Robert,
I came to you in 2010 and underwent hypnotherapy for quitting smoking with 100% success.
I then came to you for weight loss hypnotherapy lat 2010 and early 2011, which initially worked each time, but unfortunately I soon reverted to my bad habits again.
I feel inherently that if the quitting smoking worked, it must be possible for the weight loss work too and would like to make an appointment with you to try again. Perhaps I could do with a few.
Ideally a Tuesday or Wednesday in Ealing around 2 or 3pm would be good. Do you have anything available at all?
.Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

"I never, ever thought I would give up smoking."

Hi Robert, it's Linda the lady who smoked 20/30 a day for 47 years!
I really can't thank you enough because I never, ever thought I would give up
Smoking. One session with you and I have not had a cigarette since our session
3 weeks ago. Believe me that is a miracle!!!
Please use this email for others to see on your reviews. Thank you
Sooooo much.

"Your hypnosis really worked a treat for my anxiety"

13 march 2013
Hi Robert,

I hope this finds you well. I have to say, it was a delight to meet you a
couple of months ago and your hypnosis really worked a treat for my anxiety
specific to my previous seizures, I really have never felt better in the
past few weeks. There is still some residual anxiety which has surfaced in
the last week, which is quite generalized. It's an anxiety about having a
panic attack or losing the plot, especially when I'm in close quarters with
people. I know we went over this in your session, but I'm still feeling
that specific anxiety. Can I come and see you again, or could you maybe
make me a recording if you're too busy to see me? I feel that your hypnosis
was really powerful and worked for me and would love to be able to tie up
these loose ends with your help.

Thanks Robert,



"My physio was also amazed & has cut my sessions by 50%"

Hi Robert,
ignore headline don't arrange panic room yet ! Have used MP3 daily & amazed at results. My physio was also amazed & has cut my sessions by 50%, Music might be your thing ( & I may be super responsive ) but I think you need to get out there!

Thanks Again

"I am recommending you to anyone who will listen"

Hi Robert,
I trust you are very well.
I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am still not smoking (we had our session on 19th September 2012 at 5.30 pm) and I have been through some very stressful times! I wanted to thank you very much for your help and I am recommending you to anyone who will listen.
Thank you once again.
Deirdre Moore

"You are seriously talented & Thank You" (back problem)

Hi Robert,

As for the track, well, I position myself as a professional psychic. You mentioned the precious stone from the eye of the statue, I nearly came out of the trance laughing :0) Another of my Pagan 'Witchy' friends told me to get a chunk of Kyanite & Citrine ( pictured ) & put them in the vision of a Buddha. So yes, amazing, take the stone from the eye of the statue !. Yesterday I was eased hysterically in to the car to see the surgeon. Today I walked a mile at least to a bar, played pool, went for a pizza, shopped Tescos & am back on it. You are seriously talented & Thank You, going to have another blast tonight. Every tweak shock etc freaked me previously but now is a positive healing indicator ... Thanks so much Again P
"Just to say also how very effective and helpful your Easy Presentations download has been to me"

Many thanks Robert, I've received the email now and will hopefully be able to sort this later.
Just to say also how very effective and helpful your Easy Presentations download has been to me - has made an amazing difference to me!
I'm wowed by hypnotherapy now!
Looking forward to using this one too.
Kind regards,

"I came to see you a few years ago before I started a new school for some help with confidence and I remember it helping a lot"

Hi Robert,
I came to see you a few years ago before I started a new school for some help with confidence and I remember it helping a lot. I need a bit of help at the moment related to confidence, but it's more of an obsession really, to do with my looks. I can explain in full in a session, so it would be great if I could book an appointment to see you please? I'm around any time at the moment.
Thank you, ES
"hoping you may can help my parter H give up smoking as you did for myself and some 15 of my friends some 10 years or more ago"

Dear Robert

Am hoping you may can help my parter H give up smoking as you did for my self and some 15 of my friends some 10 years or more ago. I was hoping you could fit us in on a Saturday morning as we live in Oxford and have children at school so week days are difficult for her to get to your office in Ealing.

Look forward to seeing you again and I will be asking you a little more about what I read on your site about help you can offer with asthma

Many thanks

"Many years ago - at least 8 or 9 I came to you for help to give up smoking. Which was very successful - thank you"

Hi Robert,
I have just been browsing through your website and have a few questions.
Many years ago - at least 8 or 9 I came to you for help to give up smoking. Which was very successful - thank you. I have been a nail biter since childhood and would love to be able to stop. I have wondered a few times if hypnotherapy would work for this problem and have decided that this is the year to finally sort it out.
Can you please let me know what the prices of the sessions would be, and do you still operate out of the office behind your house? Also what are your office hours as I am no longer based in London so would need to come to you on my days off - either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.
Kind regards

"The recordings are working great for me"

Mar 2012
Dear Robert MatthewsHow are you? This is B. I am listening your recordings and feels great. The recordings are working great for me. Today, I would like to order another custom hypnosis recording
"You did wonders on me as always, I feel so good :)"

march 18 2012
Hi Robert,
This is J here again. I don't know if you remember me but I came to see you 3 weeks ago regarding low self -esteam,stress etc.
You did wonders on me as always, I feel so good 🙂 much more positive and relaxed. Thank you ever so much!!!
I just wondered if you had another appointment for my boyfriend, B, who needs attention now too 🙂 We are on holiday at the moment and he hasn't slept for three days( even with a help of sleeping tablets), stressing himself over everything, feel anxious, unable to relax. We are back to London on Monday night, so if you had anything on Tuesday after lunch or Wednesday after lunch would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

"The emotional ups and downs have been stopped and I feel good everyday"

april 20 2012
Dear Robert Matthews
How are you? This is B. I have been listening the new recording for a while and I am starting to feel the good effects. I feel whole again and learned to forgive. I want to say thank you for all your recordings. The emotional ups and downs have been stopped and I feel good everyday. Also I want to ask you a question if you don't mind. What is your opinion about customized age regression recording? Just wanted to hear your opinion about this one.

"You have no idea how much this means to me and will change my life dramatically" (Panic Attacks)

Thank you so much
I am feeling great since I saw you the other day, I feel so different! You have no idea how much this means to me and will change my life dramatically. I will be singing your praises to everyone, thank you again, very much.
Kindest regards

From: GS

Subject: Quit Smoking


Hi Robert,

I came to your over a year ago to get hypnotised for smoking. Fifteen months on and I am still smoke free and very very happy about that. I have friends who constantly moan about not being able to give up smoking and I try and make them consider hypnotherapy… all my friends who have tried it have seen success as well! So thank you.

The thing I am wanting to enquire about today is my sleeping. The issues is two fold – firstly I seem to find it impossible to have a full nights sleep – sleeping right the way through from say 11pm – 7am. The second part of the problem is when I do wake up I go and have a snack in the kitchen. I don’t snack on much but it annoys me so much. I seem to be fully awake when I am doing it, but don’t seem to have the rationbal power like you would in the day to go – No, I don’t want that cracker etc. I am desperately trying to lose weight as I am getting married next year. I have also just had to have major surgery which has taken me out of action for 2 months with regards to the gym, so would love to cut this pattern out once and for all.

It is a family trait. My father used to lock the kitchen door and hide the key for my mum, and my brothers wife has a cupboard in the kitchen just for the night stuff for my brother so he doesn’t start eating peanuts or anything he can choke on.

Is this something you think you can help me with?

I look forward to hearing from you.


From: F

Subject: Anxiety State


Dear Robert
Just want to say thank u so much for the wonderful experience and very relaxing session and hope to see you again.
Also you can send me the record though this email address


Best Wishes


From: N

Subject: Fear of Dark

Hello Robert,
My name is N, I came to see you for my fear of the Dark a couple of months ago.
As I am now completely cleared from this phobia, I just wanted to give you the good news.


From: SK

Subject: Motivation


Hi Robert,

Thank you for yesterday. I really enjoy listening to you. I love you analogies . I learned more about myself yesterday than I have in the whole of my life up until now. I now understand how to deal with myself by accepting what I am and dealing with the different parts of me. Thank you. Today I feel relaxed and strong and secure more than ever before. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to myself through actions or words. It really is as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after 40 years . Thank you again, S.

From: DH

Subject: Quit Smoking
Hi Mr Matthews

I work with AW and, following his recent session with you, he's not had a cigarette since and remains confident it will stay that way. I'm very impressed!
So, I wonder if you could help My problem is a daft one (but fairly common I understand). It is a fear of.........
Is this something you could help me with?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

From: MC

Subject: Running London Marathon

24 April 2011
I know, the MP3 you did for me was fantastic, I can feel it working everytime I start to feel tired, my legs go into an overdrive, you did a really good job there.
Thats really nice of you Robert, yes she is really interested. Thank you so much.
Hope to see you soon matey.
Man many thanks

From: D

Subject: Weight Loss

30 jan 2011

Hi Robert

It's unlikely that you'll remember me but a couple of years ago I came to you for a weight-loss/self-confidence session. It was a very eye-opening experience and incredibly helpful, I seem to remember the session lasted near to three hours as I think there was quite a lot to say and work with in the end. You advised that I returned for a 'booster' session, as it were, as you felt that the root of my issues ran a lot deeper than either of us had anticipated, but the following months showed a vast improvement in my attitude to eating and in turn my self-confidence and I decided not to come back for a follow-up session. I did also lose a significant amount of weight and was generally a lot happier with life - so thank you!

In the last year, however, I've started to see some of the old habits creep back. Most obviously my self-esteem seems to have deteriorated and is affecting me at work and in my personal life, I've started the old cravings for salt, I'm constantly picking, serving larger than necessary portions and I've lost the motivation for exercise that I gained following my session with you.

There's no doubt in my mind that the year following being hypnotised showed a huge improvement in my attitude and self-esteem but I feel like I've stepped back quite a few spaces and I wonder if it might be an idea to come back for that follow-up session you mentioned about two years ago?!

I'd be interested to hear what you think and look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes

From: TW

Subject: Fear of Flying
Hi Robert,

Sorry for the lamentably long period between your reply and mine. I had
every intention of getting back to you, but time kept slipping away from

Despite my worries about the flight to Berlin, once I got on the plane
the whole experience was a lot of fun. I remembered how much I enjoyed flying as a child and how exciting it was to be able to see the world spread out below.

I wanted to thank you for helping me with this phobia, I still get the
willies a little sometimes, mainly at night, but it is nothing compared
what I experienced before. I am hoping to get on another flight within
the next year, so that I can keep my good perspective on flying!

I had such an unusual sensation from the hypnotherapy, for days
afterward I felt oddly brittle and as the date neared I felt that maybe
the therapy had not worked. Fortunately I was very late getting to my
flight so did not have much to time to worry about any of it! Once I got
airborne though, I felt really good and it was the same on the return
journey (although I had a lot more time to think about flying while
sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes!)

I still often think of the warm light that I experienced while
hypnotised, it was such a wonderful experience. Do you every do
hypnotherapy for fun?

Anyway sorry for the rambling email, thanks again for your help.

Warm regards,


From: J

Subject: Stress - Worrying

Dear Robert,
I'm feeling rather bad about not contacting you after your amazing work on me :). Don't know if you remember me..I came to see you in January and I've been a changed person since then. Thanx a million for that, I still listen to your recording and working on myself every day :).
I was just wondering whether you'd be able to see my partner, Brad for a session. He has been getting really bad panick attacks lately, he is a very nervy person, lot of stress kept inside him all the time so would be great if you could help him too. Do you work on Bank Holidays as well?
Brad is normally off on Fridays.
I hope you are well and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

From: M

Subject: Quit Smoking


Dear Robert

I received your details from a friend who you helped quit smoking.
I have been smoking heavily for about 11 years, tried quitting every now and then but failed miserably so would like to try hypnosis. Are you available for weekend appointments at all?

Kind regards


From: M

Subject: Quit Smoking


Dear Mr Matthews

You were recommended to me by a friend who you helped 12 years ago to give up smoking and since seeing you all those years ago she has never gone back to smoking.


From: SK

Subject: Relationship break up

5 jan 2011

Dear Robert Mathews,

Thank you so much for all your help. I was suffering from a relationship break up. It was easily the hardest most painful time in my life.

For nearly a month I had not eaten properly, had only two or three hours sleep a night , suffered from anxiety, felt isolated and alone. I was not coping well at all.

I called you to book an appointment as you was my last hope.

From the moment I meet you, you was friendly and put me at ease, I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. As you was explaining to me why I was reacting the way I did to my situation I found your explanations and reasoning brilliant.

My session with you last appox 1 hour 50 minutes and when I left I was completely cured. You ended nearly a month of unbearable suffering in just under 2 hours.

Not only that I have never felt better in my entire life I am relaxed and happy. I still fell fantastic now my family, friends and even my manager have all noticed the difference in me . Thank you so much I cannot express how much I appreciate what you have done for me,


From: JC

Subject: Quit Smoking


Hi Robert

for some reason I've only just noticed your message....and those of others! My apologies.

I'm very good thank you, hands definitely full with the two boys but thoroughly indebted to your good work. No cigarettes since I last saw you so that has to be 5 years. Wonderful.

I hope all is well with you and family.

best regards


From: Michelle

Subject: Driving Test


Hi Robert,

I had a hypnotherapy session with you in June this year for my driving test and I’m very happy to say I passed a few months back.

I have tried contacting you to let you know, but your number would never go through.

I am interested in having another session this time for weight loss.

I’m not to sure how it works with weight loss....

Can you give me a price and a guideline of what the session would be link for weight loss?

My contact number is 078........



From: J

Subject: Nailbiting


Text message:
Hi just wanted to say thank you. I've managed to stop biting my nails including thumb nails and very happy, adios


From: RK

Subject: Self Harm

Dear Mr Matthews,
I thought I would email you to update you on how B is getting on. We have seen a marked change in him - for the better. He does seem to be more and more like the 'old B'.
He goes back to school on Monday and sees his school counsellor once a week.
B has the recording you sent on his phone and has listened to it.
We would like to thank you for seeing B and helping him in such a crucial stage in his life.
Kind regards
R & R K

From: H

Subject: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Hello Robert,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session yesterday, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.
It really was so beneficial, can't believe how well I took to the hypnosis. When I was driving home I had a really calm happy feeling; I felt like I'd been re-booted! ha ha.
I've taken on all the advice on and will continue to not put myself under pressure with everything....remember the story and techniques you told me about 🙂
I have a whole new level of respect for hypnotherapy, its an amazing form of treatment and the experience is potentially life changing. So I think what I'm saying is I'm glad I made that trip to London!
I promise I will keep you updated and give you a ring soon

Best Wishes

From: L

Subject: Anger


Thank you Robert. I will contact you monday to book another appointment with you!
i have felt so carm and relaxed today. tonight and the weekend is a reall test with everyone around, but instead of approaching it strest im looking forward to how it may turn out. tooday i work long hours 7am untill 8pm and have been home 1 hour and 20 mins . an argument usually started by now has not. so all i can say is thank you and look forward to seeing you again.


From: CY

Subject: Insomnia


Dear Robert,

I visited you 9 or 10 years ago on the recommendation of P.O
In one session you managed to help me
quit smoking finally after smoking for 20 years. It was a huge relief
to me for which I will be eternally grateful to

I saw recently a recommendation on Paul's facebook page for your Deep Sleep CD. I have been having trouble sleeping through the night due to joint pain caused by palindromic rheumatism. In the past the flares were less frequent and I was been able to control the inflammation with
ibuprofen and homeopathic remedies but now that I am going through menopause the joint pain and swelling seems constant. The rheumatologist would like me to try taking Plaquenil to possibly relieve the symptoms and stop joint destruction, but I am wary of taking this strongmedicine with all the side effects.

I downloaded your Deep Sleep CD which I have listened to three times
and it already seems to be helping me sleep deeper,
but I still wake up after a couple of hours when my wrist or fingers
begin to go stiff and start hurting. The problem with rheumatism
is that it travels and I never know which joint will be affected
next. Sometimes it's my feet, other times it might be the muscle
in my forearm or my wrist and fingers. I am living in Amsterdam and I
don't think I can make it over to London any time soon for a
session with you. I was wondering if you had any recommendations or
CD's for pain control or ridding myself of this condition once
and for all.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


From: H

Subject: Weight Loss


Hi Robert,

Hope you are well, I am doing really well since I saw you! Although it's not yet even been 1 week I have managed to lose 4lbs!
I am writing (As well as to say a huge Thanks You!) to ask if you would be able to send me the recording you said you would.

Many Thanks for everything!

Best Wishes

From: AG

Subject: Insomnia


many thanks - sleeping much better thanks...


From: E

Subject: Time keeping and Procrastination

22.May 2010

Hi Robert,

Just to say, your session seems to have had a good effect so far! Have been much more organised and mainly on time. Hurray!
I hope it stays this way!



From: N

Subject: Quit Smoking

16 may 2010

hello dr matthews,

i am writing to let you know that i am stil a non smoker and i entend to stay this way for the rest of my life,
i am so thankful for your help,and been recommanding you to all my friends,,they all say they defo want to come and see you but iam not pressurising them ,i guess they will do it on their own time,
my friend gemma has come to see you and 2month later is still a non smoker:D
it hasn`t been magic,and i had a tiny winy of a strugle but my god you mADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE,I DONT EVEN MIND PEOPLE SMOKING AROUND ME ,i am not envious and they dont ennoy me what so ever!!!
so thank you ever so much,you helped me change my life for the best!
the reason i am writing you today is because i saw that you treat bladder problems on your a-z and i was wondering wether you cld help me with my overactif bladder?
please let me know of the details

many thanks


From: E

Subject: Confidence at school

22 april 2010

lHi Robert,

Thank you very much for your help, it seems to be working well!



From: SO

Subject: Stage Fright

16 april 2010

Dear Robert

About six or seven years ago I saw you at your Ealing clinic for a
session to treat a form of stage-fright. I was becoming very nervous
whenever I needed to play my classical guitar in front of an
audience. This was ruining my performance and was making exams very
difficult. After I saw you, though, I sat and passed my Grade Five
exam with no nerves whatsoever. Thank you!



From: PW

Subject: Weight Loss

24 may 2009


I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions a few years ago with you before my wedding to lose weight, which was great (size 8!) and now would like to come and see you for stopping smoking, I only smoke occasionally, perhaps 20 a month, but would like to stop as any at all is too much!

I have also been having singing lessons for the past few months which I really enjoy, but feel that I'm not really doing my best at all as I am just so nervous at each lesson and clearly lacking confidence which is hindering chances to improve and just wondered whether this could be something that you could help with too?

I live in Suffolk but can easily come to London during the week.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,



From: N

16 5 09

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert, I hope your keeping well, just wanted to let you know the last session was a winner. Though I do like the smell of cigarettes (doubt that will last) I have absolutely no urge to smoke whatsoever. Despite working with smokers ! I've recommended you to a couple of people, my girlfriends mum (J) who I think has already booked an appointment. The other was a neighbour ( SM),Thanks again,



From: SW

28 april 2009

Subject: Confidence

Robert I came to see you back in February 2008 to help me with my self confidence, I have to say your sessions seemed to have an extremely positive impact on my life and helped me no end. I would like your help again! I suffer from IBS and have tried all sorts of medicines to help, my doctor has recommended I give hypnotherapy a go after my positive experience last year. Would it be possible to book in for another session? Many thanks



From: RS

Subject: Obsessive Compulsion

27 april 2009

hi Robert
Thanks for seeing J the other day - the session had a very positive effect on him and he hasn't (...) since. He even went out to see his friends without any problem. Thank you very much.
V would like to come and see you about the urgent need she gets to buy things - she is only here Friday the 8th May for an appointment at 12pm. Any possibility she can come that morning for your early session?
Many thanks again, it is really appreciated.
Kind regards,



From: T

Subject: Chocolate Addiction

24 3 09

Hi Robert My name is TP and I have seen you before for a "chocolate addiction" and pleased to say the hypnotherpay did work to cure me of it. I thought I would email as I have a habit which I find quite embarrasing to talk about (have in fact never spoken about it) and thought perhaps hypnotherapy could once again help. Thanks very much



From: NC

Subject: Smoking


Dear Robert,

I visited you back in March 2008 with regard to stopping smoking. I am pleased to say that I am days away from my 1 year anniversary of being a non-smoker! My partner who also quit about a week after I did, is also another non-smoker. I would firstly like to say a huge thank you for all your help in this. This leads me to the reason I am writing to you today, I am a firm believer in hypnotherapy since it worked for me with the smoking and I would like to enquire about weight loss session(s). Can you give me an indication as to how many sessions I will need, cost and any dates that you are available? I would prefer an evening or weekend appointment where possible. I look forward to hearing from.

Kind Regards




Subject: Smoking

25 feb 2009

Hi Robert,

Are you the Ealing hypnosis man?

If so:

a) MANY thanks! I haven't had a single cigarette since seeing you in Oct or Nov or whenever it was! It's amazing that I now take for granted the fact that I'm a non-smoker!
b) How come I'm getting receipts in your name from "myprotein"??




From: J

Subject: Compulsion to keep using toilet

4 feb 2009

Hi Robert,

Just a quick email to let you know that my trip to G over Christmas was a huge success, and made all the more enjoyable due to the fact that I didn't need or think about going to the loo whilst I was there (well other than anyone would!). Travelling in G was one of my concerns, and I don't know if subconsciously that consolidated the hypnotherapy session for me, but for some reason when I got there I found myself almost instantly 'cured' (in a way I hadn't felt in England)! Before departing I had been thinking about it a bit, and had even listened to the CD as a refresher and put it on my ipod to take with me. But as soon as I arrived I felt calm and confident that I wouldn't worry about needing the loo - and didn't worry about it for the whole holiday! I undertook several long (e.g. 7 hour) car journeys, and discovered that travelling in a car can be fun when you are not worrying about whether you will need the loo! The only time I thought about it whilst I was there was to think 'oh - I'm not worrying!' and then I would forget about it again! And, I'm pleased to report that things have remained that way since home. I truly believe that this time next year I will genuinely wonder what my problem had been - as I remember you suggesting to me! So thank you once again! I have recommended you to my very best friend R (who has supported me through this!) and she has an appointment with you on Sunday for nail biting. I hope she has as much success as I - and I am confident she will!
Kind regards,



From: L

Subject: Smoking

3 feb 2009

Hello Robert,

I came to see you for one session last year to help me stop smoking, it worked!!! Thank you.
It really was amazing I haven't been tempted to smoke at all since, even when I've been
completely stressed out or feeling low.

I'd really like to arrange to have a few more sessions with you as I've been quite depressed
lately and think you might be able to help me to overcome my lack of self-confidence/self-esteem
which seems to have hold of my subconscious at the moment. I'm a student and have exams in 4 months
time so I'm concerned if I don't get help my academic work will continue to suffer.

I would be able to attend an appointment on Wednesdays afternoons/evenings or Saturdays, could
you let me know if that would be ok?

Many thanks,



From: DW

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert,

We know each other as you helped me stop smoking in 2007.

For that I will always be grateful, it is just fantastic to be non smoker.

I thought it would be impossible, but you did it.

As you helped me with this smoking addiction, I thought that you might be able to help me with something more personal.

You see I am 40 and still scared of the dark, always been.

I just cannot sleep alone in the dark.

Is there anything you can do for me ?

Thank you and happy new year.




From: J

Subject: Smoking


Hello Robert, I came to see you on July 15th 2008 in a right state over my smoking habit that had gone from smoking in a play in 1998 to 20 a day come the summer of this year. My lungs were hurting, I could barely walk fast let alone run and I stank to high hell. I was really at my lowest ebb with it and it had a total control over me - and was hurting my bank balance too! A good friend of mine who had smoked 20 a day since he was in his late teens (he's now in his mid thirties) came to see you eighteen months ago and hasn't touched a cigarette since, not one. He has no craving for them and cannot ever see himself smoking again. I was dubious and nervous about hynotherapy but I had tried patches, pure will power, gum, you name it. I had given up for a few months at a time but always ened up having "just the one" - and then soon found myself buying a pack of ten etc etc... So I came to see you in mid July this year. Do you know something? I haven't touched a cigarette since! Not one, not even one drag! The craving subsided within a few days and after that it was out of sight out of mind. For this I am seriously grateful. Not only have you enabled me to kick a ruinous habit but you've also saved me in the region of £650 already. I just wanted to say thank you. I have recommended you to my brother and sister and I think it's highly likely you'll be meeting them in the next six months. (if they know whats good for them!) All the best and keep up the great work.

Kind regards, J


From: PO

27 November 2008

Subject: Hypnosis CD to help with work issues

Hi Robert,

No problem as such ! ...PO here... I hope you're well ? . Still in T as the credit crunch creeps ever closer, desk by desk ! The CD you prepared for me regarding here is great & I often ' play the part ' in meetings. I would now like a different recording to help with a new project I'm starting. Sounds a bit schizophrenic I know but is really just an extension of the Paul McKenna change your life / make you rich book. Find that your disk/recording, as it's personalised, is more effective. in fact you don't even have to do a disk if you don't like, if you're on broadband you could upload it to my iDisk if I gave you the link. Got a shop on there that sells Hypnotherapy cds as well by the way if you have any you want to sell, be happy to put them on.Anyway , Thanks in advance will send you the dosh through PayPal now PO



From: IB

Subject: Weight Loss

27 nov 2008

Hi Robert,

i recently came to you to have hypnotherapy done in end of September or very early in October for weight loss, I just wanted advise really so i hope you remember me, since then my partner has come to you for anger management a couple of weeks back.

Basically the therapy had had a effect as i have not touched a single piece of chocolate since!!!! However i have compensated with cakes and doughnuts 🙁

Can you email me and let me know what else can be done as im sort of defeating the purpose here but i can just not eat sweet things...

Help Me!!!

Thank you



From: Emma

14 nov 2008

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert/Danni

I came in on the 30th September with my mother in law in a bid to stop smoking. Robert you worked with my mother in Law Linda and Danni with me. I have not touched a cigarette since and neither has mummy! Although mummy did find it a little rocky she has not once fallen of the wagon. Me myself, the one who did not believe hypnotherapy would help me, me who did not even really want to give up smoking when I came to the clinic - I haven't even given it a second thought! I forget what it was like to be a smoker - especially when I see people huddled outside of the bar/cinema/theatre in this awful weather I wonder why I was ever that stupid! I am so glad I found your website and so glad I made the step. I am now a non-smoker who is enjoying life and giving smokers a wide birth!

Thanks to you both

Kindest regards



From: Nick

Subject: Smoking

19 nov 2008:

Hi Robert Just to say it's 12 weeks tomorrow since I came to see you and things are going very well. I have been in every possible situation and whilst sometimes tempted I have avoided even a drag! I am now singing your praises to all and sundry and you should be getting a call from a friend of mine call Liza in the near future. many thanks and best wishes



From: G

Subject: Dealing with painful memory

27 oct 08

Hello Robert,

It's G here.
I have received your CD and wanted to thank you for it,as I am trying to listen it as often as possible and improve my life.
After hypnosis I have noticed some changes in me,as I feel the integration was very important part in my life I tried to suppress it for so long.
Now I am looking into my past with more understanding without blocking it and I hope it will make a future better as well !

Thank you for being not judgemental and willing to resolve a problem,which constantly was with me for last 10 years.

All the best



From: A

Subject: Alcohol

24 aug 2008

Dear Robert
I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know I haven't had a drop of alcohol since 29 March - 5 months and a week. I wanted to thank you for helping me to kick start this great new life! I am very happy and healthy in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Thank you for the major part you played in getting me to this space.
I also wanted to ask you if you can see someone for smoking? She is coming to visit me tomorrow/Monday, so I wondered if you have any slots avail on Monday? I realise you may not be working due to bank holiday, but thought I'd check just in case!

Regards A


From: AH

Subject: Smoking

13 aug 2008

Hello there,

anna hoelz 2 years down the line, just like to say it worked for me, have not touched a cigarette since out session and it feels/smells/taste great... whooopppppp 🙂


From: L

Subject: Presentations

28 feb 2008

Hi Robert

I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting back to me with this. I read it about 20 minutes before 'the big presentation' and it really helped as I am sure did the original hypnotherapy. So thanks very much for all your help and hopefully the major symptoms have gone for ever!!

I will be in touch about setting up a meeting for the smoking as well.

All the best



From: P

Subject: Insect Phobia

25th feb 08

Incidentally the Scorpion treatment worked to such an extent that on
a big bastard in the street I went up & had a conversation ... He
( she ? ) looked
confused but that was probably because I didn't speak Turkish 🙂

Hope all's well ?



From: G

Subject: Relationship Problem

21 feb 08:


I just wanted to thank you so much. I immediately felt the effects and they are still with me. Its the most wonderful feeling.
Thank you.
See you on the 12th.




From: P

14th Jan 2008

Subject: Addiction to using Lipsyl

Hi Robert.

I came to see you 2 weeks ago today to try and stop my addiction to Lipsyl.
As you will see from the attached document, it wasn't all plain sailing, as
there was a physical problem which the use of the lypsyl kept at bay, but I
have got through that (well, my lips still aren't 100% healed, but near
enough), and have not gone near putting anything on my lips. As far as I
am concerned, I am cured!

As a result, I thought I would write a testimonial for you of my
experience, which you can use, if you like, to assist with other people who
may need encouragement to go down this route. I hope it is helpful for
your portfolio. I would prefer it to remain anonymous other than maybe a
first name.

(See attached file: Hypnotism Experience.doc)

I am writing this from my work email. If you wish to respond at all, then
can I ask that you use my personal email which is

Thank you very much for what has been achieved.




From: Ana

Subject: Presentations

15 oct 2007

Hi Robert

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my presentation went well – I didn't have all the nerves I would normally have had travelling over. Prior to the actual presentation, I was slightly nervous, but nothing like how I would have been. Also, once I had begun I was really focused - so you really helped me – yhanks so much.

I also got some really great feedback from others that were there on my presentation so that was lovely.

Once again, many thanks and I will certainly be recommending you to my colleague.


From: CM : 16.10.06

Subject: Smoking


Dear Robert

It's with great pleasure I write to you a non-smoker. I came to you on June 27th and haven't smoked since.

My boyfriend has a problem which he is keen to come and speak to you about and which he hopes hypnosis will help. It's quite a personal and sensitive issue for him, hence why i am making contact with you with a view to booking an appointment for him.

Do you have an appointment free fro the evening of Monday the 27th November?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


From: Deborah Carnegie: 06.05.06

Subject: Smoking


Hi Robert, I've just had a look at your website and saw my testimonial from 1998 when I had been to see you 2 months previously before I headed off to Turkey. Well, I am back in Australia now and have been for 6 years. I wanted to say that it is 8 years since I've seen you and 8 years since I've had a cigarette and it's all because of you. I still can't believe you did it and often tell my story to people that smoke and try to convert them. My niece is living in London at the moment and I am trying to get her there to see you so she may have the same result and live a longer healthier life. It's such a scary thing to give up smoking as you become so dependant on it but you made it so easy for me to do it. I tell me I had nothing to do with giving up smoking. You did all the work. It's such a filthy disgusting habit and can't believe I used to do it. So thank you once again. In my eyes you really are a miracle worker. I hope those people in Turkey I met that lived in London paid you a visit and anyone visiting London from Australia that smokes I also give them your number!

Kind regards Deborah (nee Carnegie)

From: SW : 17 Jan 2006

Subject: Stammering

hi robert

I attended your practice about 2 years ago now concerning my speech.your sessions were very succesful and i carried on using a cd you made for me when i too busy to attend.

I have since stupidly lost the cd and have started to feel the same way i did about my speech before i came to you.

At the moment im too busy working away with my in the military if you can remember and its difficult to get time off through the week to attend your practice in ealing,so i was wondering if you could send me another cd.ill be more than happy to pay for another one. i would appreciate it greatly if you could get back to me when you can.




From: HS : 4 DEC 2006

Subject: Bullying

hi robert

Thank you very much for seeing C..... yesterday. She told me she really
enjoyed it!





From: RB : 10 jan 2006

Subject: Smoking


I came to see you about 6 weeks ago to give up smoking and I havent smoked since! Thank you very much, it was so easy I have referred to you my flatmates who I believe are both coming to see you tomorrow morning.

I am also referring a lady called Lola to you who needs to lose weight.

We talked about depression when I came to you last and I am considering booking an appointment with you to help me deal with this, it is mainly linked to self asteem I believe. How much would this cost?

Thank you.



From: VL : 23 AUG 2005

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert

Thank you so much for calling me and telling me about the LCCH. I have
sent off an enrolment form and hopefully will be successful at

As I said when I spoke, my interest in hypnotherapy really developed
after my visit to you. I had previously tried everything to stop smoking
- willpower, nicotine replacement therapy etcetera. All had failed or
had worked for a while but I was never able to sustain a non-smoking
life. But the one hypnotherapy session with you had fantastic results -
I haven't smoked for 15months and haven't found it difficult at all.

Thank you

Kind regards


From: Faisal : 13 DEC 2004

Subject: CD

hi robert

I've now received the CD. I think its great and very professional and covers everything I've said in great detail. It seems much better than any of the self hypnosis cds (paul mckenna, glenn harrold) I've ever brought. I know it will probably take some time to have an effect on me, but I believe it will help. Thanks again,


From: C : 22nd November 2004

Subject: Impotence

hi robert

Hi Robert, C C here, I came to see you approx 2 weeks ago for
Just wanted to let you know IT WORKED!!!! its all good now, I cant thank
you enough.

It was hard to start with, infact for the first couple of times
i still took pills to help me, however a few days later I got my head round
it and didnt take any medication and all things are working normally now.
I had a great time at our session and obviously the fact that it has worked
is all the better.

Many thanks


From: SM : 23.10.04

Subject: Wedding Speech

hi robert

Thank you so much for helping me with my best man's speech. It went unbelievably well. Lots of people thought it was one of the best they'd ever heard. Standing up and speaking in front of a room full of people was one of my worst nightmares, so to have done it and done it well feels absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed it so much, I'm kind of hoping someone asks me to do another!

as discussed. feel free to edit.




From: Kerry Hawkes : 15. December 2003

Subject: Smoking

Thanks very much - I can't believe I have managed this long and not bitten someone's head off yet! Its been so much easier than my willpower alone... I just hope its like this for good. Now all I have to do is convince my friends this is a better way to be and it doesn't need to be so difficult!!


Kerry Hawkes


From: RM 3rd July 2003

Subject: Depression

It's early days but I have found working through hypnotherapy with Robert Matthews an immensely fulfilling experience. My depression has been quite intense over the years, worsened by poor decision making and getting into negative patterns. Hypnotherapy has helped me to address the issues in my life and to alleviate the depression and set me up for the future.

A brilliant experience



From: Natalia Colon

Subject: Testimonial

Dear Mr Matthews.
You are a great person who knows how to treat people, very caring and

Thank you.

Natalia. C.M


From: L : 9th October 2004

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert
My friend E P recently came to you for hypnosis for giving up smoking...she's been "fag free" for nearly 3 weeks now (which is incredible knowing her as I do!!). I am a smoker, though I don't smoke at work. However, i'm 42 and it's way past the time when I should've given up. For good.
Please can you tell me when you have appointments available? I work in Isleworth so could be with you after work (preferably). If not, I can come during an afternoon.

Thanks and kind regards,



From: Alison Rayner : 8th April 2003

Subject: Nailbiting

am just writing to let you know that I have not bitten my nails (or picked the skin around them!) for 8 and a half weeks now. I have had 2 manicures so far and they look fabulous. My husband cannot believe it! Thank you very much - I could not have done it without you. I sang in a concert the other night, and I felt truly glamourous from head to toe (or should I say to finger nail!). The power of the mind is a wonderful thing.

Yours sincerely

Alison Rayner


From: SD Date: 18.10.04

Subject: Smoking

I was given your details by a friend of mine's boyfriend whom you helped to give up smoking - and 6 months on he is still not even craving a cigarette.

I too need help, but not in giving up smoking - mine is giving up drinking. I have tried A.A. but am still finding it hard to stop drinking and feel the only way now is hynotherapy.

Please could you let me know how to go about arranging an appointment and whether I need a consultation first or whether the hypnosis is carried out on the first visit. Also could you let me know what days/times you are "open".

Many thanks for your assistance.



From: JM : 18.10.04

Subject: Driving Test Nerves

Hi Robert,

Just t let you know I passed my Car driving test aswell. Cool as a cucumber this time 🙂

So many thanks for your help Must meet up again soon



From: V : 9.9.04

Subject: Agoraphobia

Hi Robert,

Its your ex- agoraphobic patient here V. Just thought I'd let
you know how I'm getting on. Well, the most triumphant thing to date, I am
actually working now and have been for three weeks. I felt confident enough
to go out and get a job and I did. I applied on a Wednesday, got a call back
on the Thursday offering me an interview, got interviewed on the Friday, got
the job 6:00 that evening and started work the following Monday. So it all
went a bit quick but it definetly has worked out fine! I work for an
International (...........) Company called (........) based in (.........) as
an office administrator, and I am loving it. I couldn't feel better about
myself right now!

On top of that I'm going to the cinema more often and the pub every friday
(although I still don't drink, but have a laugh anyway) In two weeks time
I'm going with my boyfriend (.........) to (..........)) for a weeks holiday. Not yet
ready to travel abroad, but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

In general I feel a lot more confident within myself and the agoraphobia is
well under control. I'm even moving out of my house and into a flat in
December because I feel confident enough to let go of my once severe
attachment to my mum and get out there and live on my own- well not
completely on my own, with (........).

I couldn't be happier at the moment. Things are going great!!!!

Thanks for all your help Robert.



From: PA (29.9.04)

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert, I gave up smoking successfully thanks to a session with you some 18 months ago for which I am eternally grateful. I'm emailing to ask you whether you can help with something entirely different. I would love to quickly absorb and learn new langauges which I have always been interested in and want to know if hypnotherapy can help me in any way. In other words can it somehow help me to absorb and remember more efficiently than through the regular route of sheer parrot-fashion learning? I'd be happy to undergo a session if it would help me to get to grips with another language especially with regards to pronunciation and structure (I'm presently fascinated with Czech and Spanish).

Best regards

P A Ealing


From: TF - 15. June 2003

Subject: Depression

Dear Robert, THANK YOU! That is all I can say to you! My life has changed dramatically since last time I saw you in December 2002 all for the best. Also I'm not only feeling free from depression but I am getting stronger day by day. I've got a new job, I'm graduating from college in a couple of weeks and I have taken up readings on becoming a psychic. Also my boyfriend has quit smoking with one session and three boxes of patches! Again thank you for your help and I will recommend you to anyone I see could do with a helping hand.

Lots of love.


From: S: 1st November 2002

Subject: Weight Loss

Dear Robert

am calling cancel my upcoming appointment with you - I seemed to have clicked back into diet mode pretty well and am feeling comfortable with it. If I get another bad patch I shall give you a buzz - one thing I know - every time I take a knock I do come back stronger... Thanks for everything. Yours



From: T.E.

Subject: Cocaine addiction 14th July 2004

Dear Robert,

I want to thank you very, very much. I received your CD about three weeks ago it was to help me to resist keep taking cocaine. As soon as I had listened to it for the first time I felt positive, (although I almosy cried a lot during the first listening). I almost couldn't wait to test my reaction to coke if it should come my way. Well, during the last few weeks I have had many opportunities to indulge along with my peers in coke but I am thankful to say I have had absolutely no urge to do any myself at all.

I have had people 'lining up' and snorting right in front of me and it feels so good to turn it down - something I just couldn't do before I listened to your CD.

I feel so confident that hypnotherapy works that I have enclosed a cheque for another personalised CD for comfort eating which I will explain about in a minute(.........)

Once again Robert I can't thank you enough for the hypnotherapy CD 'Giving Up Cocaine' . I can't quite believe how it has changed me and I am such a fan of hypnotherapy now!!!

By all means use my letter but I would like to remain anonymous




From: SD : 3.9.04

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert,

Just a quick note to say a big “thankyou”.

I came to you for a quit smoking session way way back in November 2002. I'm glad to say that the rollup I had before the session is still the last one I had!

I'm going to be sending a few friends your way for some similar treatment.

Thanks again,



From: SM : 19.8.04

Subject: Depression

Hi Robert,

Just dropping you a line to thank you so much for the work you did with me in the last few weeks. I'm hoping that you can help me with a session on giving up smoking as soon as possible really. Please can you contact me either by phone or e-mail to let me know when is convenient for you as I'm totally blown away by the results that you have achieved so far. Early morning (i.e. 9:30ish) is good for me.




From: S. 28.6.02

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert

I'm not sure whether you remember me (small and Welsh lady!) - I came to
see you about giving up smoking over two months ago, and I am happy to say
that I haven't touched an evil cancer stick since our appointment! I am
incredibly grateful for your help, as I feel so much better about myself
and my lifestyle.

I have recommended a few people to you since, (Harry and I have referred 4
people to you so far - and I have a few more people in the pipeline!!) who
have also enjoyed the same success with the battle against smoking - we're
all pretty amazed by how something we formerly suspected as a kind of black
magic has had such wonderful results! I have since sent off for a
Visualisation book and my boyfriend is currently reading about Sophrology,
so your assistance has opened a whole new world of knowledge to us about
the power of the mind.


Kind Regards



From: KJ

Subject: Smoking 20.7.04

Hi Robert,

I hope you are well.
I came to visit you last Tuesday along with my friend Rachel. in order to
quit smoking. So far so good. Thank you very much.
I feel so much happier and content since the visit. I feel like a
completely different person. I hope it lasts.
I am writing to you now to find out if I can come and see you for a
session or two on weight loss. I have been battling with my weight for a
long time and its affects me and my family and friends enormously. I am
not hugely overweight but am very unhappy with my body image.
Is it to soon to see you for this or can I not been hypnotised for both?

Look forward to hearing from you.




From: CB : 23.10.04

Subject: Confidence/Public Speaking Anxiety

Hello Robert

I came and saw you about a year ago regarding a confidence/anxiety problem
related to communicating at work (especially at meetings). I'm glad to say
that the two sessions I attended have helped me a lot but some old phobias
are starting to creep back in. I'd like to get on top of this so am
interested in getting some re-inforcement or fine tuning. It would be
possible for me to book a session with you from the last week in October
onwards. Could you suggest some dates.

Kind Regards



From: MJ

Subject: Fear Of Flying

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I have finally managed a flight – alone!

Due to work commitments I did not get to go to our office in Singapore but decided instead to book a holiday and have just returned from Tunisia .

I wanted to thank you for the sessions that you spent with me – I know that without your help I would not have been able to overcome my fear.

As you explained, I didn't really enjoy the experience and was still a little nervous but I did not experience the panic and dread that I used to feel.

I am hoping to book another flight soon!

Thank you again for all your help.

Kind regards



From: VM

Subject: Smoking


My name is V M and i came to you on the 24.03 this year to quit smoking. I am still a non smoker and now would like to book my husband in with you.

Do u have sessions on weekends as he is looking at Saturday 26th June and is it still 75.00.

Many thanks



From: S.C 21st Jan 2004

Subject: Crohn's Disease


Hello Robert, hope you are well, thought id drop you a line for a progress report. Z...... is looking better lately, he seems to have rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes, he is trying to do whole days at school and he is eating a bit more. He listens to your CD most nights, often falling asleep, but i tell him thats ok as its still going into his mind. Robert Ive always believed that the mind is the ruler of the body and i encourage him to think positive. We will get him well again soon. The CD youve made him is fantastic and i am so glad i found you. I will be in touch, thanking you for everything youve done for him, love SC

Update 9th Nov 2004

Dear Robert, Thankyou for enquiring about my son Z, he is the picture of health now. I have been intending to contact you (I know it sounds like an excuse) but this year has been so hectic for us. He wears an ilostomy bag for now while his bowels mend and he is growing and flourishing every day. Most important he is actually trying new foods! he still takes his CD you made him, to bed, to listen to, to encourage his body to heal itself. In August we took him to Florida to swim with dolphins, fantastic experience. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is not quite sure. Regards S C


From: V : 30th October 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert

You recently treated a friend of mine to stop smoking and I'm amazed at how well she's done. She recommended you to me.
I am an overweight 26 year old, trying to slim and give up smoking. I'm also a born 'Worrier'. My friends keep telling me not to take life so seriously and to relax. To be honest I think if I didn't worry so much, my 'problems' would disappear. Which is why I think you can help. Or the next stop is a psychologist!



From: DC : 24th Nov 2003

Subject: Smoking

Dear Mr. Matthews,
having been a client of yours 2 years ago I can vouch for the efficacy of your therapy. I have not touched a cigarette since I saw you last and recommend you to all my friends and colleagues!

My problem now is stress at work, and the associated methods I employ in dealing with it, including drinking.
Would it be possible to book an appointment this week sometime to discuss my requirements?
Please get back to me on 079-----------


From: A : 28th Nov 2003

Subject: Fear of Vomit/Nausea

Hi Robert,


Wow, that hypnotherapy is certainly a very
powerful thing! I am now feeling more relaxed and more
able to control the nauseous feeling. However, the
feeling does persist a little and I think is is tied
in with another problem I have. Its a bit embarassing,
but I think I am suffering from a bit of urine
retention. Again, I think this problem stems from the
mind. Do you think hypnotherapy could help?
Have a good weekend,


From: TK : 30.11.2003

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert You have been recommended to me by a friend, M M, whom you helped to stop smoking. I have been trying to lose weight but without much success. I eat too much and find too many excuses not to get up and out to exercise. Would hypnotherapy help me? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely



From: PD

Subject: Fear Of Flying 30.6.04

Dear Robert

Just a very brief email from here in sunny Spain - to let you know that I
had a fantastic flight over to Spain - despite a 6.5 hour delay initially.

I was very calm on the flight - even when I had a few nervous moments I was
able to put them to the back of my mind and eventually even enjoyed it....

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to get over my fear and be able to
enjoy my holiday here in Spain.

I have enjoyed myself so much I have decided to stay here for good - so will
now have to get back on a plane again to come down here after having sorted
out all my things in the UK.

Once again thanx a million and I will definitely be recommending you to my
friends who have any phobias - it was well worth the money spent.



From: Georgina Hadley : 1st May 2003

Subject: Smoking

Just wanted to say, that I came to see Robert in Sept 2002 to try and give up smoking, after over 10 thoroughly enjoyable years of smoking a lot!! It is now May 2003 and I have haven't been near a cigerette! I am totally thrilled and feel wonderful! It is an very liberating experience and I would recommend to anyone, going to Robert, if you really want to quit the dreaded weed!! Good Luck!


From:M M 5.7.02

Subject: Needle Phobia

Hello Robert,

I came to see you at the end of March for needle phobia. Although I have not yet had an injection or blood test - I can now watch them on tv & talk about them etc... without fear - so many thanks for that !

I would like to make an appointment on a Saturday (whenever you have one next) - I suppose it would kind of come under the heading of confidence...

I cannot break the cycle of thinking that any kind of confrontation will result in violence & rejection (as it did in childhood). As I manage people I need to be able to deal with this.

Please let me know whenever you next have a Saturday appointment.

Many thx

M M.


From:G : 20th June 2002

Subject: Stammering

Hi Robert,

Just a quick note to say hello, and that all is going well with the self

I really have noticed an improvement in myself, not only within work
situations; the speech has become much more fluid in many scenarios and

Still enjoying the self hyp, I'm trying at least to aim for 4 per week, and
I'm due to take "time out" tonight.

I will give you a call soon for a chat.

Thanks for your work and guidance you have provided.

Best Regards,


Update 11.12.02

Dear Robert,

Just a quick e-mail to say that all is going well with my self Hypnosis, and
it's keeping my stammer pretty much at bay.

Also, I am due to move to T...... this Sunday for a period of two years,
working on the T...... High Speed rail project.

I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.



Update: 10th March 20004

Dear Robert,

I'm sure you remember me, G....J......, I had my first appointment with you almost a year ago. As you may recollect, I now live in Taipei, Taiwan, and life is good, and my stammer is in the past.




From:V 10.9.2

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert

I understand that you have successfully cured at least one KPMG person (from
those who still congregate outside !) although we were only on nodding
acquaintance so cannot tell you his/their names.

Could you please telephone me to arrange a one to one appointment as I would
very much like to give up - and would also be interested in hypnotherapy as
a treatment for other matters. (I have actually quit smoking before - and
only go back to it because I have gained weight - sad but true so
encompassing slimming with it would be most beneficial).

All of my contact details are in the sign off below (and you can email to

This may be too short notice for you but I was supposed to be on a training
course this Friday 13th which is now cancelled so have the whole day free -
albeit first or last appointments would be easiest (I work in the City and
live in Bucks) this is not essential.

I look forward to hearing from you - mobile is easiest - 076

Kind regards



From:NP 30.9.02

Subject: Smoking


You have been recommended to me as a great way to give up smoking.

I would be grateful if you could call me ASAP to arrange an appointment on
07769 6




From:LC : 8.10.02

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert

I have been passed your details by someone who you helped to stop smoking some time ago.

I was wondering how I go about booking an appointment for exactly the same thing, or is it necessary to have an initial consultation first.


From:SNS : 22.10.02

Subject: Smoking


A friend of mine recommended you to me. So please will you let me know the next
appointment for giving up smoking. Ideally an early morning or late afternoon
appointment would suit me best.

Thanks and regards,



From: R : 1st November 2002

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert,

My friend H H came to see you some eight months ago to quit smoking. She is still a non smoker to this day and thought it would be good for me to give you a visit as well. I have tried on numerous occasions to stop, but regrettably, failed each time. I have used patches, chewing gum, Zyban, a session at the Alan Carr 'Stop Smoking' Clinic and one hypnosis session with someone in East London who's article in the Telegraph was the persuasion to make me try. I smoke about thirty cigarettes a day and have a true love affair with each one of them I keep telling myself on a daily basis that I am going to stop this retched habit, but find it incredible hard to imagine how to cope with life without. I am therefore hoping that you, as my truly last resort, will be able to help me. My only fear is that should it not work the first time, I am afraid I might not give it another try... I truly look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,



From: Sharon : 9th November 2002

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert

My name is Sharon and I got your information from a very impressed D
C who recently came to see you about giving up smoking.


From: M M : 7th June 2002

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert,


Just a quick note to let you know how things are going.

Since our last session for smoking about two months ago, I havent
touched one yet. No real cravings and to be honest I dont really miss it
at all. In fact , I seem to have forgotten that I ever smoked in the
first place.

Thanks for all your help in this regard.

I would still like to get further assistance in improving my memory, but
with the Summer upon us, I fear I will not get the time to do this in
the near future.

I would still like to go ahead with this and will contact you soon to
set up an appointment




From: SD : 25th July 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert

I came to you last year regarding my smoking addiction - that was an
astounding success and I'm so happy that I did it. Now I'm back for more.

I am about to embark on a PGCE Secondary Course (ie. Teacher Training for
Secondary Schools). I'm looking forward to it, however I think I'm going
to be very nervous when I have to stand up in front of a class. I did a
Teaching Course last year, but I was extremely nervous, and started shaking
when I stood up in front of the class. I know that this is entirely in my
head, and that once I've been doing it for a while I'm sure it won't happen
anymore, but I think a hypnosis session, which would give me more
confidence speaking in front of a class/ in public would be very useful.


Do you think there is anything you can do? And if so, how many sessions
will it take and how much will it cost?

Kind Regards




From: D : 21.6.03

Subject: Smoking


You treated me in October of last year, before I came to live in Central
America, for smoking. Since then I haven´t smoked a single cigarette and the
experiences I have had give me the impression it is extremely unlikely I
will ever do so again in my life.

I am returning to England for a few days around the 25 of July and I would
be interested to know what help you could offer me for alcohol. My problem
isnt that I am a chronic alcoholic rather that I drink every day a small
amount - 2 or 3 beers - and some days more than this to the point that I
start acting in a strange manner which is extremely undesirable not to say
embarrasing. This daily drinking is a habit I have had since I first went
to university, brought on mainly by boredom and a bit by laziness.

The thing is that I have reached the stage where, like with smoking, this is
something I no longer want in my life, as I have much more important and
worthwhile things I should be doing with my time. However, as with every
habit, changing the behaviour patterns is the hard thing even if the will is
there. So, I am hoping that your methods could help me to put the vital
seeds of behavioral change in my mind as your treatment for smoking did so

If you could give me a brief outline of the treatment procedure, costs and
number of treatments needed I would be very grateful. By the way, I
recommended and continue to recommend your quit smoking treatment to
everyone I know... many many thanks for this.




From: M.L. : 11th August 2003

Subject: Fear Of flying

Dear Robert

About a month ago you hypnotised me for fear of flying. I thought I'd wait
to get in touch until I'd been on my first flight after the hypnosis - I
went to Ireland the weekend before last (a nice short flight to get back
into it!) It was loads better, and I felt far calmer before and during the
flight than I have done for a few years. Also, I haven't had any nightmares
about flying and feel fine when I see planes now. There were a couple of
times on both flights that I still felt quite anxious, when the plane turned
and when the engine noise changed - and I wondered if you think that is
normal, and will get better, or whether I should come back for another
session before my next flight (mid Sept)?

Either way, thanks so much, as I feel much better about flying than I have
done for a very long time!
Best wishes




From: CM : 28.8.04

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert, You helped me quit smoking on Dec 11th 2001! Thanks I have been recommending your services to all my smoking friends. I have a friend who wishes to make an appointment to see you as soon as you are able to fit her in. She has been a smoker for 10 years and she coughs a lot. She, like me, has tried other therapies including patches, but never yet tried hypnosis. I hope you are still practicing, I have left voicemail for you in the past but you have never replied. Please can you contact me either via email, or by phone on 0795........, or contact my friend directly. Her name is L..., her number is 07..........

Best wishes Speak to you soon



From: AW : 9th Jan 2003

Subject: Confidence

Hi Robert, I am a previous client and would like to book an session with you. My name is A.W. and I don't know if you remember but it was around Nov 2001 and I had two sessions to do with Confidence and Self Esteem. I would like to thank you for your help and those sessions have helped tremendously. However, you did mention at the time that an additional session may help some more although not essential. I would like to book an additional session as I would like to further improve my confidence and self esteem as there are still some situations in which I think I need to overcome. I am pretty flexible with times and dates so if you could let me know when is convenient for you and we can arrange something. You can contact me either by email at this address or at (..........)or on my mobile 078.......... I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks A.


From: C : 13th Jan 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hi Rob,

A friend of mine has recommended you - and I was hoping to make an appointment to see you. He's given up smoking and I'm quite amazed....

Things I'd like to address are:
- confidence (in professional and social situations)
and - weight loss

Also - saw you noted finger and nail biting - which I do and don't want to - more so when I'm nervous though...

Let me know what appointments are available - or what I'd need to do from here. I can be contacted on the number below - or - mobile: 0780.........

Many thanks for your time,




From: SM : 14th Jan 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert

I came to you last year regarding my smoking addiction - that was an
astounding success and I'm so happy that I did it. Now I'm back for more.

I was wondering if you could do anything about my lack of self-confidence.
To most people (apparently) I come across as rather confident, but in
reality I'm severely lacking in it. If I explain this to many friends they
say that I am definitely not noticably under-confident, and they think that
the problem is in my head. I agree with them 100%, the problem IS in my

Do you think there is anything you can do? And if so, how many sessions
will it take and how much will it cost?

Kind Regards




From: DH : 16th Jan 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hi, Robert You have been recommended to me by a friend of a friend, who you were able to help give up smoking. I have never been too serious about giving up myself, but my wife is now pregnant so I have the motive to try again. What is your diary like for the next couple of weeks? Thanks ina dvance DH


From: JF : 17th Jan 2003

Subject: Smoking

Dear Mr Matthews, Both myself and a close friend have been advised by one of your previous successes to contact you regarding stopping smoking. Ideally we would like to make Saturday appointments, possibly one after the other which will mean we can travel to you together. I would be most grateful if you would let me know how soon this will be possible along with details of the cost and how to get to you. We both really hope that FINALLY we have found someone to help us kick this horrible addiction! Look forwards to hearing from you in the near future. Regards,



From : 23rd Jan 2003

Subject: Smoking

You have been recommended to me by a friend who you recently treated and
helped to quit smoking.

Although we are still in January I have tried to quit twice already this
year Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world to do - I've done it
at least a thousand times.

I live a very healthy lifestyle - eating the right foods and enjoying an
active social life, however, I simply cannot quit smoking. There is nothing
more I'd like than to never have another cigarette -- please can you help?

I have already left a VM on your number 020 8........ and would like to make
an appointment to have a session.

Please call me on 079 .... or reply to this email.

yours hopefully,



From: P : 28th January 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert,

I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that my life as a 'non-smoker' is going hunky-dorily (if that's a word). It's my birthday today, as you know, and I went out for a few drinks in the pub with smoking friends at lunchtime to celebrate - no problem. I'm off out tonight, and know it won't be a problem - like I think you said last Thursday, it's now irrelevant. I'm not disgusted by cigarettes, or the fact that my friends smoke around me, but I just know it's not for me.

Anyway, one or two people have expressed an interest in seeing you - one of my best friends will come and see you in one month if I'm still off ciggies, which I am pretty sure I will be! I really want all my friends to come and see you, just so you can see how grateful I am for your help - you've got such a talent!

Thanks again,



From: NW : 3rd February 2004

Subject: Motivation/Laziness

Hello Robert

Thanks for a really enjoyable first session - I do feel much better in general, but have been very busy and have not really had much of a chance to test out the treatment...

I would still like to see you for a consolidation session and maybe to look at one or two other issues - however, I'm afraid I will have to cancel the appointment I made with you last week. I have some un-moveable work commitments - I'm really sorry to mess you around!

I am out of the country on holiday from 7 to 14 February - after that, what is your availability like? Although I could do another 5.30pm session, is there any chance I could see you on a Saturday instead?

Hope all is well with you,

Best wishes,


Update : 25.2.04 Hello Robert

hope you remember me from a few weeks ago, when I came to you for help with my lack of motivation. I am pleased to say I am starting to feel much more positive!

I wonder if I could book an appointment to see you for one of your quit smoking sessions. Could you give me an idea of your Saturday availability over the next few weeks?

Thanks and best wishes,



From: MG

Subject: Chocolate Addiction 4th February 2003


My name is MG and I have visited you twice before. However after 6 months of being off choclate etc I seem to be back on it. Can I make an
appointment with you for Wed 12th Feb. I did try leaving a message the other
day, maybe you are away?

Contact me on 07.........



From: ED : 17th March 2003

Subject: Smoking

Dear Mr Matthews, I visited you last may for your help in stopping smoking and have not wanted a cigarette since - thank you! My partner, JM would also now like to stop and would like an appointment to see you. Please can you let me know whether you have any free appointments next week? Many thanks



From: ZG : 18.3.03

Subject: Smoking


You have been recommended by friends and both me and my partner would like to book a session each to give up smoking. What time / days are you open ?

We are away until w/x 31 st March and are keen to book in asap.

Many thanks,



From: PP : 19th March 2003

Subject: Smoking

Hello Robert,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I visited you last May
for a one off 'quit smoking' session and since then I have not had a single
cigarette. More importantly I have not had a single craving. I couldn't
believe how easy it was to stop and 10 months on I am now confident that I
have quit for good. One session and it was a total success.

I have told all my friends and family and am recommending you to anyone
that will listen!

So thank you once again.

Best Regards,

From: AN

Subject: Fear of Nausea 02.11.03

Hi Robert,
Hope you had a good weekend? I must say that
I have been feeling really good since our appointment
and haven't had any strong feelings of nausea at all.
However, I have experienced a milder feeling of
quesiness in a couple of situations and I think this
may have something to do with what you said about
giving the brain very specific instructions for
certain occurences. So, if it is possible, I would
like to arrange another appointmnent to try and
conquer the problem completely. As it is difficult to
speak to you during the day, I would be grateful if
you could ring me at home after 4:30pm on 0208 8.......
or e-mail me a time. Once again, I can't
thank you enough for what you did on Friday
Many Thanks,


From: A.M. 23th May 2003

Subject: Smoking

Robert, Hi, it`s A.M. We met on the 2nd April for a stop smoking session. Glad to say I do not smoke now thank you! I have been out of work since then and would like a session for confidence, assertiveness, positiveness etc ready for interviews. I am free anytime, so an appointment ASAP would be appreciated.




From: M

Subject: General Recommendation 23.04.04

Dear Robert

You have been recommended to me personally by a family member. I would like to make an appointment to see you regarding my (what has been diagnosed by my doctor as) mild depression. I was taking anti-depressants in the summer last year but came off them after a couple of months as I experienced a few strange side-effects. I have also seen two counsellors on and off over the course of the past 4 years, but feel in some ways that this has increased rather than decreased my problems.

I look forward to hearing from you.



From: JD

Subject: Self Confidence 17th Feb 2002

Hello Robert,

Just to let you know that everything went great last night.I carried this new self-confidence with me and got the same response from others as I did the last time.

Because of that Eva was also the same as before and everything was fine.

Speak to you soon,



From: Jane

Subject: Smoking : 20th February 2002

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and let you know how we are
getting on.

Me (Jane), my boyfriend Scott and my sister Kate all came to see you in
between Christmas and the New Year to quit smoking. I am pleased to tell you that to date none of us have had a cigarette and feel very positive that we not smoke again. I am sure that had we not come to see you we would have all been back on the fags by now!!! We have recommended you to friends who also want to give up smoking and one who was phobic about sick.

Thank you again for all your help, I am sure that our kids do not even
remember we ever smoked now which is just what I wanted!!


From: D.O.

Subject: Smoking 14th May.03


Keen to come along for a one to one session to end this life destroying habit of mine!

A friend came to see you several months ago and hasn't smoked since!

I know you are very busy and maybe booked up for a while but if oyu can give me an idea of when you would be available that would be great.




From:DS 21st Jan 2004

Subject: Smoking

Dear Robert,

My friend H...... H..... came to see you some eight months ago to quit smoking. She is still a non smoker to this day and thought it would be good for me to give you a visit as well.




From: Silvie 2nd April 2004

Subject: Smoking

Hi Robert, I just wanted to say that it has been several weeks and I have not smoked. I went out socially and drank a few glasses of wine and found it relatively easy not too smoke. The urge was only there a couple of times and was fleeting instead of all-consuming!!! I will definitely reccomend you to my friends. Thanks again



From:Tara 10th march 2004

Subject: Smoking

I will give you a ring to arrange another appointment. I know that you have had good results in cutting my friends' smoking habit - is that on the same principle as cutting food groups?

Speak soon



More testimonials

10 dec 06


i've been smoking for 19 years now (16-35) and have tried the usal: gum,
accupuncture, cold turkey, etc. a friend of mine recommended that i talk
to you, as he and his wife both quit thanks to you. i smoke around 15
cigarettes/day, and am also on meds for anxiety/depression/panic
attacks. do you think you can help me? (well, i gather you do, from
looking at your website 🙂

if so, i'd like to make an appointment as soon as possible.



15 03 2007

Hi Robert

My name is RR, i came almost two years ago to you for smoking and i
still have not had a cigarette. For that i am very grateful, i have
recommended to numerous people who have also had successful hypnotherpy.

I am this time wanting aid in weight loss, i am finding it very hard to lose
weight that i have recently gained due to bad habits etc. How much would a
treatment for this be?

Kind Regards



4 april 07

Hi Robert

Just thought I would give you an update on my condition. Well I am actually feeling a hundred times better. I have been using my hypnosis CD and that with the Botox and another steroid cream that the doctor gave me my condition is definitely improving and I haven't actually scratched for a few weeks.

My only fear now is that I can't believe that it has stopped and I am almost waiting for it to come back which I know I shouldn't be thinking of that but after 18 years it's difficult. Now I just want to get on with things.

Anyway I don't think I will be coming back to you at this stage.

Thanks again


Re. Depression

may 12 07

Hi Robert, Just to let you know things have been pretty good since i last saw you.


Ron H

12 july 2007

hey robert,

I just wanted to say hello, and to let you know how I
have been getting on.

I am NS, I came to see you a couple of
weeks for death phobia related to my swollen lymph
node. I have been suffering since January and you told
me I was suffering from post traumatic syndrome and
hypnotised me.

I have been feeling very good ever since. I have been
laughing again, I am no longer scared of dying. I no
longer suffer from anxiety and panic attacks over my
health thanks to you.

I still have irrational thoughts of disease
(especially when I am exhausted) but it does not
cripple me like it used to. The cancer fear has
totally disappeared, but thoughts of HIV are still
lingering on my mind.

I would love to come for a top up session because I
don't want those thoughts to grow again. I feel so
free now that, you could say, I am exercising

I hope you are well. My number is




20 aug 2007


My name is S ( a French person ) , I have stopped smoking with you 2 months ago.

First , thank you , I do not smoke anymore and it is amazing. I still cannot believe it.

Since , this experience I would like very much to learn Hypnosis.

I am not looking for a diploma or anything of the sort. I just want to learn for me.

Would you know where could I be taught?

Thank you for your help



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