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Brief comments about selected problems
Weight Loss/Slimming

One of the most frequent reasons people visit a hypnotherapist is to lose weight! This is not surprising as hardly a week seems to go by without a magazine or breakfast TV article praising the results obtained from hypnotherapy treatment for slimming and obesity, especially if a well known celebrity is concerned.

The mind has a tremendous amount of power over our eating habits and body weight. Something inside your mind actually controls your appetite, your eating habits, patience, and your determination. Hypnotherapy is a way of harnessing this tremendous power of the mind in order to help you become and remain the slimmer person you wish to be.

People come to me for weight loss having, typically, tried everything else - diets, pills, slimming clubs, you name it, and have either failed or just put the weight straight back on again.

Hypnotherapy deals with the root causes of overeating and the wrong kind of eating habits. Its aim is not to be a temporary fix but to be more like 'throwing a lever inside the brain' to permanently change eating habits for the better. You will not normally be advised to go on a strict food reduction diet. Such dieting simply does not work. Instead the hypnosis will be used to allow you to eat 'normally' - in other words to eat the amount that slimmer people enjoy which will enable you to lose weight steadily and permanently without all the hunger pangs and misery. This is the true way to weight loss success. This approach avoids all the terrible hunger of crash and gimmick diets that always end up with the weight going straight back on.

You have the power to change and hypnotherapy will release that power. Many people turn to hypnotherapy having almost given up hope, or having become dispirited. Sometimes they are a little apprehensive about hypnosis (there is no need to be - see my hypnotherapy page) Those who come to me as a result of personal reccommendation are alway very keen to get started right away. The transformations I have witnessed are remarkable. Not long after I first opened my hypnotherapy practice in Ealing Broadway, a local dentist came to see me. She had seen an article about my success with slimmers in the local paper which had appeared right next to her own advertisement for dentistry. Although she was a little sceptical about hypnosis she had decided to take the plunge. A year later she reappeared to show me her new, slimmer appearance and I was delighted to see how radically she had changed. Not only was she now slim but she now had a new air of self confidence and contentment, which carrying all the excess weight had held back.

Hypnotherapy treatment looks at YOU as an individual because there are so many reasons for weight problems. People who sustain excess weight usually eat unnecessary food when they are not truly hungry. They tend to fit into one or more of the following eating categories:

  • comfort eating (stress, boredom, unhappiness, guilt, failure etc.)
  • snacking
  • eating big portions; leftovers, eating while cooking
  • compulsion to finish whats on the plate
  • sweet tooth, excess cakes, chocolate etc.
  • excess of fatty and savoury foods
  • addiction to a particular foods or tastes
  • bingeing
  • excess sweet drinks or alcohol

Whatever category or categories you fit into, you will find that hypnosis has a powerful influence on appetite, cravings, speed of eating, motivation, determination, patience, stress and boredom levels - even metabolism. In addition to this it can also be used to actually put you off the taste of certain foods that you have decided to avoid or cut out completely. It may be used to focus on getting you to enjoy the taste of fresh, healthier foods. Most of all it is simply designed to put you permanently in control, not the food. Of course there will still be ups and downs in your life, as there are in everyone's life to some degree, but once you notice this new control you will very likely cope better with every aspect of your life.

Self Esteem
In some cases it may be necessary to look at and treat the underlying reason(s) for the weight problem, such as emotional upset, insecurity, worry, boredom and low self esteem. The trouble with low self esteem is that it becomes a vicious circle. When you over eat or stray from a diet you may feel so bad about yourself, that you comfort those feelings by eating more food, and so on.
Parts Therapy

Sometimes it may appear to the individual that there is a different part of them that takes over, often an impulsive or rebellious childlike side that comes out, gives in to temptation and eats what it wants - letting you down (it is interesting to note how often we refer to being 'good' or 'bad' about what we have eaten, instead of being wise/foolish or strong/weak). The more this 'bad' part lets you down, the more you push it away, as if it really were a child. Most of us will admit that there are different parts to our personalities and during hypnosis It may be appropriate to communicate directly with the part that is causing the eating problem, and I may get you to try to understand and gently negotiate with it. Only when this part of you feels forgiven and understood instead of loathed and rejected, only when it also fully realize you are better off avoiding unnecessary food will it ever become integrated and controllable. If this integration never takes place, you may carry the excess weight for the rest of your life, as so people do many do.


To summarise, the mind has a tremendous amount of control over our eating habits and body weight. There is a force inside your mind that actually controls your appetite, your attitude to food and even your sheer determination. Hypnosis is a way of persuading the mind to use that force to work for you rather than against you. You've always had the power to lose weight permenantly - it has just been lying dormant, deep within you, never properly released. Hypnosis can help you release that power and make losing weight so much easier and more successful for you. It will help you to create a brand new frame of mind so that you lose weight at a rate which is sensible, easy and achievable for you, and once achieved, enable you to retain you new body weight.

How many sesssions?

Each session lasts about an hour and a half, and some people need only come once or twice, however, to be realistic if you really wish to finally clamp down on your weight problem then you should expect to come for two or three initial weekly sessions and then return for the occasional follow up, at say monthly or two monthly intervals. Of course there may still be barriers over time, but hypnotherapy will be there to help you overcome them. Imagine seeing yourself in the future, slimmer, wearing much smaller clothes sizes and feeling so much better. You will never regret the time and investment.

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