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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions

Hypnotherapy treatment for stress is designed to release your own natural, inner resources against stress that you may not even be aware you have. Hypnosis provides a means of releasing feelings of calm,wellbeing and confidence that may have been blocked for days, weeks, since childhood or have never been allowed to surface before. Sometimes we only feel stressed about certain situations, e.g. at work, or over a specific problem, worry or upset, but stress may also have spread to become of a more general nature.

The main focus of hypnotherapy treatment is to bring you RELIEF, helping your nerves to become stronger and steadier, allowing you to calm down and cope better with whatever situation(s) you are in. The crucial thing about stress is not the stressor itself but how we cope with it. During hypnosis powerful coping strategies are introduced to ease the situation even further. This aspect is sometimes referred to as 'stress management'.

A little stress is often a desirable thing, as it is a natural way of increasing concentration and motivation, however, too much stress can drag us down and disable us totally. It may be affecting your life in a number of ways, affecting confidence, self esteem, sleep, and so on. If untreated it gets worse can have serious health consequences.

Sometimes there is deep rooted turmoil or upset within the mind preventing us calming down, it can be recent or may have been trapped in the inner mind for years. When occasionally this proves to be the case I use hypnosis to gently investigate such problems, facilitating the release pent of up emotions such as frustration, anger, guilt, hurt etc. which otherwise just work like a pressure cooker, building up pressure inside us. Sometimes we carry the baggage of the past, or past incidents with us all through our lives and never find a way to beak free from stress and calm down.

With other individuals, there may be little or no known upset from the past to deal with, it may simply be a situation where the subconscious mind, which is rather like a computer in some respects, has become 'mis-programmed' to produce stress, anxiety or even panic, in certain, specific situations. Eventually the stress can spread until it is affecting life in general. Hypnosis is famous for 'reprogramming' the mind and positive feelings can be made to automatically replace the negative ones. Of course, nothing can take place during hypnosis that goes against the wishes or will of the individual concerned (see my hypnosis page). Clinical hypnosis is an enjoyable, relaxing procedure.

Stress can affect confidence, self-esteem, sleep, health and begin to affect every aspect of you life. Most of my clients report an immediate sense of relief after just one session and usually go on to see me for a further short series of sessions in order to build on the initial improvements and ensure they are long lasting

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