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In 1992, the magazine New Scientist decided to check out the claims of hypnosis and conducted a now famous large scale study, comparing all the well known quit smoking methods. It was found that hypnotherapy was the most effective method by an impressive margin. So, finally it was official...hypnotherapy was confirmed as the most powerful quit smoking treatment on the planet.
Hypnosis and quit smoking were just made for each other and I particularly enjoy doing the smoking sessions.
When it comes to quit smoking sessions let me assure you that I use the most powerful techniques available to ensure you get the best chance to quit you will ever receive. I am proud of my success record with smokers.The good news is you don't have to be an especially good hypnotic subject to succeed.... just motivated and open minded.
Most people require only ONE SESSION. It is a specially extended session lasting approximately one and a half hours and costs £150. Included is an in depth discussion beforehand so that everything is tailor-made to your own needs. The whole experience is uplifting and relaxing. If you dread giving up smoking you will find the session is exactly what you are looking for. I was once a 20 a day smoker myself so I know how it feels. Heavy smokers are particularly welcome but If you haven't already done so it's a good idea to read the sections on hypnosis and hypnotherapy so you know what to expect.
older woman smoking Are you ready to live without the image of smoking?  
It feels wonderful to be free from cigarettes after years of trying. It prompts some of my former clients to appoint themselves as unofficial ambassadors on my behalf and start to recommend me to everyone they know colleagues, friends, family...anyone.
People now come specially to see me not only from other parts of England but occasionally from overseas, I've even had an enquiry from Australia! Some people are so desperate to give up they will specially combine a visit to the UK, with a holiday or some other reason. A couple of years ago I had a client who wanted to come here so much, he actually took a special return flight from from Tripoli!
While I'm boasting about my reputation, I once treated a travel rep for smoking, Deborah Carnegie( hello Deborah if you're reading this!) and she turned out to be the reason behind a steady stream of people coming to me after their holidays in Turkey with all manner of problems, but mainly to STOP SMOKING!

In fact the vast majority of those people who visit a hypnotherapist do so in order to give up smoking, approximately you won't be alone. When you consider that nicotine patches and  tranquilliser drugs like Zyban have a success rate of only about 6% it is hardly surprising.
If you are really determined to kick the habit then hypnotherapy, quite simply, gives you your best ever chance, so long as you are in the right hands. Unlike certain well known drugs, hypnotherapy is 100% safe and drug free. Zyban is known to be linked with fatalities every year in the UK, but that is nothing compared to the number who will die from smoking despite years of trying to quit. And as for electronic cigarettes read here why they may be even more dangerous than ordinary cigatettes.
Just think what it would be like to be a
non smoker totally
FREE from cigarettes.....
    woman in gym
  • Your body fitter, healthier, stronger, reaching its full potential.

  • Far more more being tired and lethargic all day long.

  • Freedom and relief, longer a slave to cigarettes, no longer caught in a vicious circle which is silently killing you.

  • Blood pressure falling or moving nearer to normal (one of the first physiological changes), 

  • Skin much healthier and younger looking.

  • No longer smelling like a smoky dustbin, or feeling like a social leper

  • No longer facing the 3 in 1 risk of being one of the 120,000 who die needlessly and often painfully of smoking related illness every year in the UK. A large proportion dying in middle age or younger. *

  • Richer by over £2000 per year for the average smoker (=20 a day at £5.30)

  • Libido higher

  • More in control of your life
  • No longer being full of nicotine, one of the world's most poisonous and quickly addictive drugs. Did you know that nicotine is 100% stimulant? It is purely the relief of relieving withdrawal symptoms, which gradually increase between cigarettes, that gives the relaxation pleasure!..not the drug... this explains why the very first cigarette does nothing for you.Overall it makes you more worked up and stressed.       

You will be surprised how much stronger and steadier your nerves become, leading to increased motivation and confidence. Do you know any defiant smokers? Even they would not recommend a class of young schoolchildren to start smoking...most of us can remember being better off and more relaxed in early life as non smokers, breathing nothing but clear air.

E-cigarettes - the dangers


E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are often promoted as a safe, or safer alternative to smoking. Read about the dangers of e-cigarettes and discover the truth behind all the advertising hype.

Read my article about the dangers of e-cigarettes or "vaping"


He wanted you to know...

lung cancer death

Bryan dying of lung cancer aged 35 while his wife and child look on. He wanted pictures of his death to be publicised so that others would be encouraged to stop smoking and not risk facing what he and his family went through.

If you feel you might be motivated by making an emotional contact with the reality of the dangers of smoking, then visit www.whyquitcom - but think twice before you do. I must warn you that some of the photos, especially the one of Bryan above, a man in his early thirties, dying of cancer with his wife and little son in tears at the bedside is very harrowing. I found it very moving. Bryan was very keen that these photos be shown, he wanted you to know......

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