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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions

Hypnosis is famous for its effectiveness at treating phobias and I have always had a great deal of success in this area. Some types of phobia are more common: dogs; cats; birds; insects; lifts; needles; agoraphobia; fear of flying: but there are dozens of less usual ones such as fear of germs or dirt contamination; fear of choking; or fear of ordinary household items). The treatment is usually quite short term.

The subconscious mind

Whatever the phobia, it can be very distressing and can often begin to affect and restrict the sufferer's whole life. If you have a phobia, you have first hand evidence of the existence of a powerful part of your mind over which you have no rational control. Hypnotherapists usually refer to this part of the mind as the 'subconscious' or 'unconscious' mind. It is the subconscious that believes there is a threat or danger, regardless of what the conscious mind believes or knows. The subconscious has a useful, primitive ability to release fear automatically to protect us in all kinds of situations. Like a computer, it works automatically, unable to actually think or reason. If the subconscious gets it wrong and produces fear/upset in inappropriate situations, it results in a phobia, and the fear cannot be overidden. This often makes the sufferer feel stupid, mad or irrational. In actual fact phobic people are usually highly imaginative and are as intelligent and as rational as anyone else. They resent being told to 'pull themselves together'. The same powerful imagination that is working against them can be used, through hypnosis, to get them over the phobia. It is not usually important to discover how the phobia or 'mis-programming' came about, what is important is to make sure that it is removed.

Hypnosis is the most effective method there is at treating the subconscious mind

Hypnotherapy is a way of gently communicating with the irrational, subconscious mind and persuading it to stop releasing the negative feelings. An immediate and total change is not unusual after just one session, though in some cases it may take a series of sessions to obtain an acceptable and permanent level of relief. It makes little difference how long standing or deeply ingrained the phobia is.

There is now no need to live with a phobia when, so long as you are in the right hands, a little time and investment can bring about a total recovery.

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