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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions
Insomnia/sleep problems


The mind is like a computer

Have you ever marveled at how very young children sometimes start to fall asleep because they have gone fifteen minutes past their bedtime? This is because we all have an inbuilt body clock which knows when we go to sleep, eat lunch etc. This body clock is very powerful and cannot be 'reprogrammed' at will. It is this same process that gets confused during jet lag. In many respects the brain works like a computer, and sometimes the normal sleep pattern 'disc' is misplaced for a whole variety of reasons. Hypnosis can communicate with the body clock, deep within the mind and get the ' sleep disc' to slot back into place so that normal sleep patters return. Drugs simply confuse the mechanism further, making us dopey, confused and un-refreshed.

Underlying reasons

Of course, there is often an underlying reason behind the insomnia, such as stress, depression, uncertainty, loss, worry and so on. Hypnotherapy will deal with these underlying problems simultaneously, bringing relief from stress or upset to ensure there is much less getting in the way of sleep. Lack of sleep causes us to become less resistant to problems and we are much more likely to get into a state over things. This in turn makes sleeping more difficult and a vicious circle develops, fueled by a new worry....worry about not getting to sleep. Hypnosis is quite simply the best available treatment for breaking this vicious circle.

Hypnosis is soothing and deeply refreshing and revitalizing in itself (if you haven't done so already, read the pages on hypnosis and hypnotherapy). During the treatment, the subconscious mind will be directed to allow you to totally relax and enjoy a deep refreshing sleep each night, the sleep that everyone else simply takes for granted.

Don't try to sleep

I have been treating sleep disorders with considerable success for several years. Trying to sleep is the worst thing you can do because it just causes tension. Sometimes the hypnosis is aimed partly at getting you to stop tying to sleep and to get you to simply enjoy unwinding and relaxing deeply in bed. This is the key to natural sleep. Of course your mind will also be given poweful directions to ensure you go to sleep automatically. You may be given a tape or be taught self hypnosis to bring down stress levels, and to learn how to make your body feel very heavy and pleasantly tired. Most children can sleep through noise, disturbance and all manner of situations, and with the help of hypnotherapy, most adults can rediscover the same ability.

How many sessions?

Some people believe you have to be a particularly good hypnotic subject to successfully respond to treatment. This is totally untrue, all that is needed is a light trance and many people are unaware they were even hypnotized. Results can often be obtained in a single session, but more realistically you will need two or three to consolidate the progress made, possibly longer if there are other important, underlying issues that urgently require help. As hypnotherapy becomes more and more widespread there is now no need for anyone to put up with the misery of insomnia and endure its devastating effects..


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