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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions

Most of us can be ourselves and be calm and confident with best friends or certain members of our family but when faced with other situations, confidence magically disappears, such as when meeting new people or giving a talk or presentation. We can be relaxed, calm and assertive with some people and then be shy, tense and inhibited with others. Deep within the mind of everyone is a natural confidence which may rarely, if ever come through, or may be blocked only in certain situations. For some fortunate individuals this natural confidence is nurtured in childhood, but for others it may be damaged by negative life events or maybe have never seen the light of day. Hypnosis does not 'give' you confidence so much as release what has always been there, locked away, awaiting release and ensure that it comes through in a steady stream whenever it is needed.

At some stage during the session you will experience, under hypnosis, what it feels like to be a totally confident person in certain imagined situations. This is very pleasant in itself. Any blockages preventing your confidence from coming through are discussed beforehand or may be investigated during hypnosis. These blockages are removed and the subconscious mind is conditioned to release confidence automatically in the future.

Sometimes I will set up 'triggers' to release certain feelings or improve body language on cue, so that for example, on clicking your fingers on meeting someone, you automatically feel confident, release courage and speak clearly. This treatment is very powerful indeed, but at the same time is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. You will remain in total control at all times and will not be 'sent to sleep' as if so often feared by those without previous experience of hypnotherapy (if you haven't already done so, see my section on hypnosis). Hypnosis has control not just over the mind but will also, where appropriate, be used to influence physiological functions, for example, to reduce high blood pressure, slow down a racing pulse or prevent excessive sweating brought on by nerves.

Self Esteem

Frequently linked to lack of confidence in some people is low self esteem, which can arise for a whole variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy will help boost your self esteem, and give you a new belief in yourself. Whatever has happened to you so far in your life, there is a strong, positive side that is waiting to come out. If appropriate, past situations may be explored and negative feelings such as guilt, anger, disappointment, failure and regret are released for good, so that you can live the rest of your life free from the baggage of the past. Everyone has the right to believe in themselves, to stand up for themselves (and their interests), and to be proud to be who they are.

Most of my confidence clients respond very quickly to hypnotherapy, often within a session or two and many go on to consolidate what they have gained with a further short series of sessions.

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