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If you attend a hypnotherapy session for help with blushing you will first of all be given an opportunity to describe where and when you blush, to describe what it looks like when it happens, how it feels, what triggers it, why it bothers you and to generally give a brief history of the problem and how it all started. Sometimes hypnosis can appear to work like a magic wand, and a single session can eradicate the problem completely. Of course it doesn’t always work like that, but nevertheless, in my opinion it is easily the most powerful treatment available for blushing and is always worth pursuing.

The main advantage hypnotherapy has over conventional therapy is that rather than just discussing a problem, or gaining insight into it, hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind, which is very much in control of all the automatic processes of the mind and body. In other words hypnosis influences the actions of the mind and body over which reason and will power have no control, such as variations in  the colour and tone of the complexion.

The body reacts to words

At first, the notion that the body listens to words may sound like one of those crazy far fetched statements, but think about it for a minute, if somebody says something acutely embarrassing to you, it can have the effect of causing the body to send millions of extra red blood cells into the capillaries of the cheeks – that is a simple and undeniable illustration of the immediate power of words over the body. Words used during hypnosis take on even more power, and can instruct the unconscious (subconscious) mind to allow the skin to retain its normal complexion in all those situations when you would prefer it not to blush. In a way, hypnotherapy is a bit like reprogramming a computer….the "computer" within your own brain. If there is a disk in that computer that is programmed for you to blush during situations such as when you become self-conscious, new instructions can change this innappropriate disk so that you automatically remain pale. Anyone who has witnessed how hypnosis can, for example, get someone’s hand to temporarily go numb, knows the powerful effect hypnotic techniques can have over the body – so long as the end result is in accordance with the wishes of the person who is being hypnotised.

Why does the mind ever make us blush?

Nobody knows what blushing is supposed to achieve in the natural state, but there are several theories. Bear in mind that the human mind and body have evolved over four million years or so - basically to deal with stoneage type situations. This means that blushing may never be appropriate or useful in modern day civilised society, but the brain does not necessarily realise this. Some believe it is intended as a warning signal towards potential enemies or challengers, a kind of barometer to encourage people to take care when dealing with you or possibly face confrontation or even violent consequences. The brain may deliberately makes us blush when it notices that there is a high level of adrenalin (the stress and excitement hormone) present in the blood, at a time when we are under the close scrutiny of others. Whatever its use in primitive times, blushing has almost certainly no clear advantage in the modern, civilised world.

It must be remembered that the sole purpose of the subconscious mind is to look after us and do the very best it can for us. This is why it listens readily to what is said during hypnosis and can respond so well to instructions that the blushing is to diminish or discontinue.

Underlying problems

As well as hypnotic suggestion therapy to deal with the actual blushing, hypnosis can also be used to treat underlying problems such as self consciousness, shyness, lack of self confidence, low self esteem or embarrassment, all of which may be a deep seated, integral part of the problem and may go back as far as childhood. The thing about blushing is that the severity of the blush is almost always governed by the way the blusher reacts to the initial realisation that the skin is turning red. It can then become a vicious circle, the more upset and fear surrounding the initial blush…the worse the blush becomes.This cause even more mental anguish which worsens the blush and so on.

Once this cycle is broken the blush will fade naturally and for this reason a lot of the hypnotherapy treatment may be aimed at getting the individual to become less bothered or self conscious about that initial blush or feeling of heat. For example if you tend to blush when you have suddenly become the centre of everyone’s attention, hypnotic instructions can be made so that you feel relaxed and confident in front of people and that you focus off yourself automatically when you are speaking in public.

People who say they do not care about whether they blush tend to be people who experience or report blushing very rarely. You could argue that blushing is not an issue for these people simply because of its rarity. Another explanation would be that blushing only takes hold in people who are bothered by it, or are fearful that it will occur. Regardless of your view about this, part of the “cure” for blushing, and therefore a very important and powerful component of hypnotherapy, is to help those who blush to fully and totally ignore any incidence of blushing, should one ever occur again.

Almost everyone, with sufficiently pale skin, blushes in some form or other at different times in their life. If someone reacts negatively or has a problem when they see someone else blush, the person who is blushing does not need to make the onlookers problem into their own problem. If you find it difficult t o agree with this principle, then your confidence in general may always be dependent on how other people feel about you, rather than on how you feel about yourself. Hypnotherapy can do a lot to turn this around by helping to bring out your natural confidence and strengthen your self esteem.

Sometimes there is a sexual element

Both men and women blush, though women are more likely to come forward for help, as is the case with a number of similar ailments. Some women report that they blush when they feel men find them attractive or sexually desirable, or make them feel self conscious about their looks. Sometimes, when a blush occurs, it is as if the sudden appearance of redness is the skin betraying a feeling of embarrassment that the person is trying their hardest to keep a secret. If the embarrassment or self consciousness did not occur in the first place, the individual concerned knows that the blushing problem would be largely solved. It is for this reason that therapy can sometimes be used to get that person to fully come to terms with how others may typically view them. In the case of a very sexually attractive individual, who is self conscious about others who find them desirable, it may be helpful to get them to come to terms with the natural desires of others in a slightly more philosophical or worldly fashion, and to possibly feel amused or even flattered by unwanted attention, rather than resent it or attempt to deny it. Nothing is ever said during hypnosis unless it is in complete accordance with the wishes and opinions of the person concerned.


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