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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions
Anorexia Nervosa


Anorexia is a good example of the way the mind plays cruel tricks on us. When the same mind that is suffering from anorexia responds to hypnotherapy treatment, it can prove as powerful in making a recovery as it was in causing the disorder in the first place. Anorexia sufferers tend to have wonderful imaginations, which makes them extremely responsive to hypnosis, however, it is vital that the patient is willing to get better as no-one will respond to hypnotherapy if it goes against their will.

Such motivation may be a major part of the problem. The deep, inner mind can have a totaly different perception and agenda of how we look, how much we weigh, often causing the sufferer to 'hallucinate' about their body shape when looking, for example, in the mirror. It can almost be like being in a dreamy trance all day long. This is very distressing for all concerned, adding to the confusion. All too often, conventional therapies try to reason and discuss the situation, endlessly looking for 'reasons' and the anorexic progressively feels more and more cornered, emotionally tense and pressurised from all sides, sometimes made to feel imature. In advanced cases becoming severely run down and/or physically ill. Quite simply - pressure can destroy appetite and self esteem.
It may be of use to unravel the root cuse of the problem, what started it all off, whether there was a conscious or unconscious drive to be slimmer to increase self confidence, or gain attention, but quite simply the only thing that matters is that the WHOLE of the mind realises that things have got out of hand and that it does no good to have dangerously low body weight. When ready, giving the sufferer back control over their appetite is an area paticularly suited to hypnotic suggestion, and the patient is helped to feel more relaxed more confident, less pressurised, and is helped to regain self esteem. At the same time being re-assured that they will under no circumstsnces put on, or be be pressurised, or hypnotised to put on excessive weight.

This does not, of course, mean that hypnotherapy cannot go hand in hand with other forms of help, perhaps group therapy, whatever the sufferer is finding, or has previously found beneficial. I have often been able to help those, in quite serious cases find the belief and inspiration to try again and to finally find the way out of this unpleasant condition.

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