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Brief comments about treatment of selected problems and conditions

I had no idea this was condition was so widespead until I became a therapist, but then one of the rasons I took an interest in hypnosis in the first place was that my sister Clare suffered quite severely from agoraphobia... until she decided to visit a hypnotherapist. The dramatic improvement she experienced sent reverberations across the whole family. She'd tried everything else - doctors, psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, over many years and virtually given up all hope. After that I was in no doubt about the power and reality of this wonderful form of treatment.

Some people simply cannot understand agoraphobia and will try telling the sufferer to 'pull themselves together. What they don't understsnd, is that you simply can't. Something deep in the mind (or if you like, a 'part' of the person) is percieving danger or some kind of threat that simply isn't there, or is grossly exaggerated. This goes contrary to the belief of the conscious mind which is as aware as the next person that there is no rational cause for alarm. Hypnotherapy is a gentle method of re-assuring the deep, normally inaccessible parts of the mind, persuading them to stop releasing the feelings of insecurity, panic or terror, allowing the person concerned to go about their lives in a way the rest of us take forgranted. It may need to be done in stages but I have often seen an immediate improvement.
Sufferers often feel ashamed of the condition, or believe they are going mad and are very relieved once they understand more about the workings of the inner mind. Incidentally, It is not only past traumas or upset which bring on agoraphobia, it can manifest for a number of reasons. In any case, discovering them through hypnosis may not even be of help to the situation. Sometimes, knowing the root cause of a problem, as is the prime goal of many analytic forms of therapy simply doesn't make it go away. Automatic feelings of panic can occur when a primitive system of defence, which is designed to protect us, has got it all wrong. The subconscious mind is actually trying to help and may be simply 'mis-programmed', rather like a computer with the wrong disc in place. Hypnotherapy in these cases is best applied to help the mind to re-condition and 're-program' itself to release calm and feelings of wellbeing in place of the agoraphobic feelings, whilst building up self esteem and confidence.

If you are sufffering from agoraphobia, or problem(s) of a similar nature, I can assure you you will receive the very best help possible and will find the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable.

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